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By backr ·
I am the entire IT department at the place that I work. On some days, I am the CIO; on others, the help desk. I administer the databases, the accounting software,email, and the network.

Realistically,I am one of those jack of all trades and master of none kinda guys. This suits our company well, until the time comes where we get a lot bigger or I get run over by a bus.

My only beef is that I have a stupid title. I have been hinting around that I want a better one, but I am really at a loss as to what to suggest. Any suggestions??


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Mr. CIO, Helpdesk, Mr. Secretary, Administrator Database....

by bawagers In reply to Titles

Your title is god!!!

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by bflood In reply to Mr. CIO, Helpdesk, Mr. Se ...

I'm an entire IT dept as well. My title is Vice President of IT even though I preform tasks that are well below that title. But since I'm the only "computer guy" in the company and I report to the CEO, that's the title he gave me. Before that it was Systems Administrator which I still use most of the time

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You ever heard of Senior VP of Network Infrastructure given to H1-Bs?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to VP IT

I have come to the sad realization when I accidentally stumbled upon an H1-B visa renewal application in my manager's office, who happens to be Indian. I think he got this title because the CTO is also Indian and for no other reason. American's have a hard time getting such titles, and this foreign fool who isn't even a U.S. citizen runs around calling himself a VP of IT infrastructure?

Hey kids, can you say "figurehead" with a false title?

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by glandry In reply to Titles

Computer Responsible Person

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Chief Techie Dude

by michael In reply to Titles

Hi all,
I forgot to mention in my previous post - years ago, whenever I filled out an online form in order to get a free subscription to a (paper or online) newsletter, demo software, t-shirt, or Microsoft Evaluation Software for Education, I used to write my title as "Chief Techie Dude" or sometimes even "Head Geek". Since no human really looked at it, it was OK and I still got what I ordered. I discovered that my name and creative title found its way into various mailing lists, as I often get (print) mail from various other companies peddling their wares (tech magazine subscriptions, certification training kits etc.).
Hey Tech Republic - how can I change my TR profile to "Chief Techie Dude"?

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What are your main functions?

by Tenagra71 In reply to Chief Techie Dude

I've seen a few good titles in here. Perhaps you can choose two or three of the main titles that apply most to you. If you have to, take the top ten valid entries here or from other sources which represent the primary tasks performed in your daily duties. Rank them from most important to least - even though they are all important - make the effort to rank them.

Then select the top 4 combine them in to two titles and print two sets of business cards. You create the two titles, since you are basically the "CIO". Then depending on which audience you are meeting with - executives and non-techies OR a bunch of bit heads and gurus - and hand out the appropriate business card when meeting with them. Introduce this idea to your boss and get him/her on board using the appropriate business jargon. Putting the best technical foot forward to those you meet and those your boss throws at you, only makes you - and your boss and company - look better. Try "Principal Infrastructure Analyst", "Director - Business System Applications" or even "Senior Systems Engineer". Hope this helps a bit.

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My title was "Distributed Applications Specialist" when I worked for gov't

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Chief Techie Dude

agency for the state of NY. If anyone asked me what I did, I told them I was a network administrator. The agency came up with this fancy shmancy name because I was the only one who knew how to package desktop applications into MSI and ZAP packages and deploy them to the desktops, so I was the "distributed applications specialist". I also knew how to repair high end servers, so I was also dubbed the server doctor.

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How about "LUCKY"

by SimpleJo In reply to Titles

Everyone in your shoes should be so lucky!

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by tkelsey In reply to Titles

Lan Admin Support Specialist Internal Expert

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by Finite_SA In reply to LASSIE

Im in the same boat, but as far as vendors go I'm I.T.

My personal title is the IT Band-Aid as I can never seem to get enough time to truly "fix" all the issues that come up. Just gotta keep em rolling.

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