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By backr ·
I am the entire IT department at the place that I work. On some days, I am the CIO; on others, the help desk. I administer the databases, the accounting software,email, and the network.

Realistically,I am one of those jack of all trades and master of none kinda guys. This suits our company well, until the time comes where we get a lot bigger or I get run over by a bus.

My only beef is that I have a stupid title. I have been hinting around that I want a better one, but I am really at a loss as to what to suggest. Any suggestions??


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by natalie In reply to LASSIE

I like that - especially as 'the IT guy' may not be a guy!

I do similar tasks and my title is Systems Manager.

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How about "IT Coordinator"

by cballinger In reply to Titles

Actually, depending on the size of your company if you have the respect of your boss, and the appreciation of your users, count your blessing and don't worry about your title. Just lists your accomplishments should you need to move on, if and when your next job pops up. A title might get you in the door, but a title doesn't get the job done.

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Senior TIM?

by Lost in CQ In reply to How about "IT Coordinator ...

I'm in the same boat (how do you bus proof the only IT guy in the building) but I wonder whether we really reflect our roles? Given we also cover printers, phones, PABX's, shredders, office moves, changing lightbulbs, refilling water features, ordering replacement fridges, aren't we just the only staff that AREN't afraid of the big bad world of Technology in General?

So I would go for a title that reflects that attitude, and go for Technology Co-ordinator (TC) or something similar. (BTW, if I am over 40, can I be a SENIOR Technology Co-ordinator (STC)?) What about Technology Infrastructure Manager (TIM)or Senior TIM or Senor TIM?

Certainly when I do my end-of -year tax return, I just use IT Manager, 'cause the Accountant doesn't have any other options to select!

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IS Manager

by asmithweb1 In reply to Titles

I do the same for my company, and thats my title...

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Same Here...

by daytech In reply to IS Manager

Information Systems Manager. I get asked to work on anything that plugs into a wall (and I love it). Sometimes it gets a bit hectic but the days fly by and I am appreciated (for the most part).

Good luck and enjoy!

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by seckel109 In reply to Titles

Heh Heh
How bout "Lead Masochist"

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IT Manager....Network Admin.....IT Manager

by terry_angie In reply to Titles

This will probably sound stupid, but it makes sense to me. I was also the IT Department, but my title was Network Admin, but I did programming, hardware, software, ERP software, payroll software, the entire network with our 200 computers. The guy before me (I'm a woman) was the IT manager and the current guy after me is the IT manager, but I didn't get the title nor the pay.....hint being woman. I think it just depends on your company. I would think you would be the IT manager.

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by Ms. Spock In reply to IT Manager....Network Adm ...

I prefer the title of IT Guru. Since it doesn't make any
difference to my bosses anyway. At my review they said I just
do this stuff because I like to do it not because it really is my
job-so they don't have to pay me for the tech stuff I do... So,
IT Guru it is!

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Intergalactic starship captain and supreme being of the void

by as400doofus In reply to Titles

In reality, my advice is to look at the titles of other people in your company and pick one that is appropriate to your level of responsibility. When I started at this company, most "responsible" people were managers (even if they didn't manage anyone). After a few changes in management, we now have vice-presidents, directors, and supervisors.

As far as the department part of the title, I've worked in programming, MIS, IS, and IT. I personally like the IT one. It fits what we do here.

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Director, Information Technology

by howard.blake In reply to Titles

This fits the work you do.

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