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To Everyone- Let's take a sanity break

By Tig2 ·
I'm going to take a moment and remind those who may have forgotten why we are here.

TechRepublic values each and every one of us that visit the site and feed back to them how the site can improve. Doesn't mean that they will fix the thing that ticked us off lately. Just means that they value us all.

There is a PTB. They make final decisions. Period. When we joined, we said that we would be governed by those decisions. This is NOT a democracy.

TR is funded by traffic. Some of that traffic comes from a wide variety of countries. Anything that can be taken as an attack on those other peoples can become a problem.

TR is not a playground for everyone. It IS a site dedicated to the IT professional. It is a site that not one of us pays to be a part of.

A peer was booted. The PTB have a right to boot anyone they like for any reason that they care to espouse. I can speak to the PTB's anguish that this peer was so insistent on being out of line. I can also speak to the PTB's sense that they did too little, too late.

Here's the bottom line. Add constructively to the dialog or don't add. Learn where you can post silliness and where you can't. Understand when potentially off colored remarks will be understood, and more importantly where they won't. Understand that this is not a playground, but a business. And that business has the right- even the responsibility- to fold up and walk away.

There has been a great deal of disrespect here in the last year. If you care about keeping TR, I would suggest that you act like it.

I told a member of the PTB today that the adults of TR not only know, but understand, that the PTB must act to preserve this place. And that we will understand that they are the final authority. I ask my peers to stand with me in that sentiment.

It is late in my time zone. If I am out of line, I apologize.

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I admit

by Jaqui In reply to To Everyone- Let's take a ...

I'm one of those who pushes the limits, frequently.
I never have, nor will I, question the decisions made by TR staff about booting a member. I've been in their position and know how much work it is to keep tabs on member submitted content. [ forums here ]

Maybe I've been lucky, but I have never been reprimanded or warned about my more outrageous comments by TR staff, maybe I've just managed to stay on the correct side of the line. [ which I do try to do ]

If a member is booted by TR staff, then the member went to far across the line, or crossed it to often. I won't get on any Staff members case about that.

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by Jaqui In reply to I admit

When I do get more extreme in my comments, it is usually meant to get people to look at their own assumptions on a subject and to promote discussion on it. I do try to avoid personal attacks, since those are never called for.

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I don?t like

by nentech In reply to addendum

The argument two wrongs make right

It is used way too often around here


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by Jaqui In reply to I don?t like

do I.
I wasn't trying to say that my own bad behavior was right, for any reason, only admitting that I do behave badly.

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No probs

by nentech In reply to neither

Just checking

Try not to go off the goddamn rails myself

How dare any one ask me a question?


Ps humour is slowly returning
Will need it when I move home

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humour returning

by Jaqui In reply to No probs

faster when picturing twits in various positions causing extreme bodily harm. ]:)

like having 45.7 litres of liquid nitrogen pumped into body orifices.

]:) such a pretty image that is ]:)

danged typos

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Lost me

by nentech In reply to humour returning

I have no hope of seeing that picture

I know what happens when liquid nitrogen and living tissue meet


Have to go falling asleep

Cheers Col

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I do too on occasion.

by TonytheTiger In reply to neither

In fact, seeing what MM got booted for, I'm surprised that I'm still here because I think some of mine were worse than his worst.

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If so, you've kept them well hidden.

by deepsand In reply to I do too on occasion.

MM's specific downfall was his inability to suppress his bent for open displays of personal bigotries, and insisting that they were merely reasonable differences of opinion.

I've seen no such tendency in any of your posts.

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but I do like

by jdclyde In reply to I don?t like

two wrongs to make a right, but three lefts do....

got my boys saying that now

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