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to say a quick hello

By Shellbot ·
hi guys...
just wanted to say hi and let you know that life continues to be a *****.

i've been absent for a couple weeks..not been at work.

Kid decided to run away. She was gone for 2 days, she's back safe and sound, but its just been a nightmare. We have found out a whole load of other stuff about her..who she's been hanging with, what she's been up to ect.

Realised she been stealing from us..does anyone ever check all the change from the piggy bank that you've got stashed away..well..we didn't..and she managed to **** away almost 400 euros worth..

ugh..anyways, i've pretty much taken a months leave off work, so money is going to be a bit tight. the house was and still is partially in lockdown mode.

She's been to the Dr, and she starts regular counselling this week.

The boyfriend has been told not to come around..but **** anyways, eventually we have to let her out of the hosue..and as soon as we do..they gonna be on each other like dogs in heat.

We've decided to move, just need to get it all sorted, but will take about 8 weeks to get done.

I'm so outa my league, so is hubby for that matter. We went away out to the country for a seemed to help a bit, but then she used my phone to call him behind my back, so back to square one..

i had 2 month i would have been off them for 2 years..but hopefully i won't have any more.

hope your all doing OK.

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Moving may not be the answer

by oldbag In reply to to say a quick hello

I too am having difficulties with a teenaged daughter. She got in with the wrong crowd, ditched school, stole cash (and my debit card) stayed out for several nights, etc, etc, etc. She refused to go to counselling, saying that she did not have a problem.

We had been considering moving prior to this so decided to go for it. Unfortunately, this made matters worse. She was constantly visiting in the old neighbourhood, staying out later than she should and 'hated' the new house. My husband and I went to family counselling. I went to a support group. That was helpful because we were able to see that we were good people and how to deal with this.

It has been four years now. She has mostly settled down now but still refuses to admit that counselling will help. Because of her behaviour, she is at least 2 grades behind what she should be in school.

My advise to you is DO NOT GIVE UP. Even though we struggle each day, I hope and pray that she will come around and one day appreciate us. You and your husband should look into family counselling for assistance in this. Think about the move VERY carefully before doing so (get counselling before making a final decision).

My prayers are with you.

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