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To those complaining about TR - You're overlooking the obvious

By maxwell edison ·
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To those complaining about TR - You're overlooking the obvious

The long-term intent is, and always has been, to eliminate the Water Cooler. They don't want us using their resources as our personal playground. On one hand, I can't blame them; but on the other hand, those of us who frequent the Water Cooler do bring value to the Technical aspects of the site, and have been since 1999.

So I suspect they don't want to fix it.

By the way, when you post identical discussions, one after the other, you'll only push the other discussions off the radar screen. And please, STOP "testing" ALL the different browsers. The site should work with ALL BROWSERS - end of story.

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Wow, this is beyond comical, comical, comical (echo echo echo)

by robo_dev In reply to To those complaining abou ...

I've never seen something so fouled up, short of Windows ME.

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