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To those who complain

By HAL 9000 Moderator ·
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Most of us are just goofing off at the Water Cooler in this section of TR and if you don't like it well tough luck.

But if you want a reason why we spend so much time here follow this link and you'll find out why.

Now with a water Cooler like this who would want to ever leave? :^O

and this is how most of us look when we arrive at the water cooler.

Now do you understand?

Col ]:)

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JCK a Darwin Stubbie

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to six packs

Is 2 LT's and a 6 pack would be 12 LT's do you still ant to drink them all in a single sitting?
The last time the wife drank one she went to sleep in a pile of leaves in the back yard and we had a hell of a job moving her into the bed as she kept insisting that she was in bed and nice and confory.

Then the next afternoon when she woke up she was demanding to know who put all the bits of leaf in her hair. :)

Col ]:)

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by jck In reply to JCK a Darwin Stubbie

LTs? Litres?

That'd be a bit much...12 liters...

I dunno tho...what's the abv of a Darwin Stubbie?

I did have 14 pints of Guinness the first night I was in Ireland. I do have a well-conditioned liver.

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Yes that is 12 liters

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to JCK a Darwin Stubbie

Up in Darwin they are big drinkers who would put even the Irish to shame. :)

But on the other side of the coin it's BLOODY HOT up in Darwin.

Col ]:)

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hahahaha...Irish put down in drinking?

by jck In reply to JCK a Darwin Stubbie

I saw not one drunk bum passed out in Dublin even in the bad parts of town...I think the Irish can't be put down in any manner.

BTW...according to a newscast I heard a few weeks ago...Ireland consumes the most beer of any country in the world...and they have only 3M people.

2nd was the USA...and we have almost 100 times the people.

Jesus...we gotta win that back...jdclyde...let's go start drinkin...I'll get my clubs out!

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Unfair statistics there

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to JCK a Darwin Stubbie

What you need to do is break it down by areas. Then I think you'll find that Darwin has the highest consumption of Alcohol per head of population. :)

They don't mealy get drunk they get totally plastered just to try to forget the heat. One Darwin resident was flown down to Adelaide for Hospital treatment and after two weeks he demanded to be sent back because he had finally sobered up.

Their idea of a small party is just 1 X 50 Gallon Keg and those are imperial gallons not those little US Gallons. Usually only 3 people will show up for something so small.

They only have at best a bout 100,000 and they drink more beer than the rest of AU put together and it's real beer not that 7% stuff which by law here is called "Light Beer." :^O

Col ]:)

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You know Aussie Ingenuity

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'm closer

All we would have to do is unplug it so it could be warm for the POM's! It would save adding a second tap as well.

All we would do is add a second Water {eh Beer} cooler for us to drink from and then when the bottle is getting down plug back in the POM's one so they wouldn't drink it cold and there would be more for us. You know when the bottle is getting down as much as 1 inch from full.

Col ]:)

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Racial stereotyping at its worst!

by neilb@uk In reply to You know Aussie Ingenuity

We don't drink "warm" beer. It's just that our beers are brewed to taste best at cellar temperature rather than the teeth-chattering sub-zero fashion that robs your stuff of ANY TASTE AT ALL!

Lagers, we drink cold. Just like you. But, as you said, better get a second cooler else we'd drink it ALL!

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by gadgetgirl In reply to Racial stereotyping at it ...
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But Neil

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Racial stereotyping at it ...

Your idea of "Cellar Tempter" is only a few degrees F warmer than what we serve our beer at.

What you have to remember is that your Summer is getting close to our winter and your winter is closer to the AU Antarctic Territory Summer where they keep Ice Cores in Freezers turned off to stop them freezing.

Right at the moment at the height of Winter where it's very cold we are only getting up in the High 10's to low 20's C here and in summer it is closer to 40 C at which most POM's would just melt away or be hospitalized for Heat Stroke. We have to serve the Beer cold here or it would boil off and we wouldn't get to drink any of it. :)

Col ]:)

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10 to 20 C?

by Oz_Media In reply to But Neil

YOu mean spring, fall, and most of summmer here. :)

Actually a girl that was camping with me a couple of weeks ago was moving here from Norh Carolina, she found it cold, until she shaw how big our campfires get here, then started peeling off the sweaters.

Vancouver's mild though. you see 10C in winter, and 20C in summer. except for exceptionally cold or hot days, it's always around the same temp (and weather) really these days. Calandars are important, you wouldn't know the season otherwise.

Then again, back East BRRRRRRRRR and BRRRRRRRRRR.

Up North , it's either BRRRRRRRRRR or sweat 10lbs off each day.

But us west coasties have it pretty easy. Like the three bears, not too hot, not too cold, JUUUUUUUST right!

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