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To those who complain

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Most of us are just goofing off at the Water Cooler in this section of TR and if you don't like it well tough luck.

But if you want a reason why we spend so much time here follow this link and you'll find out why.

Now with a water Cooler like this who would want to ever leave? :^O

and this is how most of us look when we arrive at the water cooler.

Now do you understand?

Col ]:)

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by jck In reply to Racial stereotyping at it ...

That's something I've learned about beers that I didn't know before.

Lagering is a process that includes cold-bottling of the beer to reach it's ready flavor, as opposed to Stouts and Porters which are room-temp carbonated then transferred to cooler temps to slow the activity of the yeast.

Anyways...yeah...Grolsch, Grants, Guinness, McEwans...all those taste good at "cellar" temp...i.e.- about 48-56F (that's what my book said).

If you could dig a cellar in FL (5-35 feet down, you hit sea level here), the cellar temp would only stay around 64F-70F. Too warm for a beer to be stored.

Heheheh...oh well...I will brew for effect first...taste later :)

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by gadgetgirl In reply to yeah...lagering


Store beer?

Come off it, how many people will believe that you actually want to store the stuff?? ;\

If it ever got to storage, which I very much doubt, how long were you intending keeping it for??

oh, hang on, I just got it - this is for when Dennis's friend comes looking for him, innit?


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by jdclyde In reply to Stored?

well, shoot dang, but I never seen anyone actually type that let alone say it.

That is like all the people that type BAH! in duscussions but would never actually say that in the "real" world? Or DO you say that?

Never know.

But I have to agree on the storing aspect. You NEVER store more beer than you will drink in a week! That is why God created 7 elevens. For slurpees and cold beer.

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That's funny

by Oz_Media In reply to innit?

My friend still bug me for saying that one all the time. Seems every time I've had a few, the English accent seems to dominate my speech, usually after reeling off some MP for a while, and I get pretty common in my words. The other one I use a lot is 'dunnit' You smack em in the 'ead and say "'urt's dunnit?!"

My friends toddler still stares at me like a deer in headlight if I say "OI NIPPER!" or "Cor Blimey!" My dad was a bit of a cockney, gone south.

I think he's catching on though. LOL

Her eldest kids, 8-10 just think I did too much of that STUFF at all the rock concerts, because I'm always tripping them out.

Hey, in my defense, MY dad told me stinging nettles only sting in winter too! Why can't I pass on my wisdom at the suffering pain of children.

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Isnt this

by CuteElf In reply to innit?

Where the URRRRPH and AAAAAAHhhhh come in?

Storing beer? Naaaaaah. (urp / belch)


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by jdclyde In reply to innit?

I assume this is a greeting to a child?

NIPPER 2 a chiefly British : a boy employed as a helper (as of a carter or hawker) b : CHILD; especially : a small boy

But where does the "OI" come in? What is that the shorted bawstardized version of?

And Canadians go on about how AMERICANS don't know how to pronounce.......

And elf, any woman comfortable enough with herself that can belch around friends is a thing of beauty in dead! (as long as you don't get any on you!)

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by jck In reply to innit?

I prefer "nipply" over "nipper"...hahaha ]:)

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Linguistics 101

by neilb@uk In reply to innit?

Oi! or Oy! Is a common, generic attention-getting cry.

In Cockney, "innit" is pronounce without the final 't' and the 't' is "swallowed" - a glottal stop.

Iss green, inni'. Tol' yew yew shuddnav etti'.

Trust me! we don't all talk like Prince Charles!

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That always slayed me

by Oz_Media In reply to innit?

When I moved to Canada, people would joke about Brits, (pinky in the air) "would you like a spot of tea!" as if even resembling an English accent. The other one that kills me is when people speak in short choppy words thinking it mimicks a British accent, but just sounds stupid.

I had actually not even heard the 'POMPUS' British accent until coming out here. The accent ALL Brits supposedly have is actually the accent I think the LEAST Brits actually have. Stereoptypes brought on by a Canadian Red Rose Tea commercial.

A bunch of toffee nosed Brits sitting around for tea in Canada, one asks about the tea and is told it's Canada's Red Rose. To which he replies, "ONLY IN CANADA?....PITY!"

I grew up speaking propa Engrish like wot queen does n'all.

YEAH riiiiiight. I'm a typical bloody southerner who had a 'half' cockney dad.

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The popmus brits

by jdclyde In reply to innit?

The image I get is typically where the words are more drawn out, rather than choppy.

pip pip, cheerio! (I have always wondered what the he11 that was suppose to be! What is a "pip"?)

Then there is the Mary Popins thing......

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