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To those who complain

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Most of us are just goofing off at the Water Cooler in this section of TR and if you don't like it well tough luck.

But if you want a reason why we spend so much time here follow this link and you'll find out why.

Now with a water Cooler like this who would want to ever leave? :^O

and this is how most of us look when we arrive at the water cooler.

Now do you understand?

Col ]:)

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I tend to think...

by jck In reply to innit?

the accent outside of London is probably more realistically English than in London since there's so much intercultural mixing and what not in the urban areas.

And...well...hehe...I dig that accent over there...I just know I'm going to end up marrying some girl from the UK, Ireland or Australia.

I want the kids to call us "mum" and "pop"...hahahahahaha

and I'll eat crisps in a pub with my mates over a pint while enjoying the craic...hahahahaha

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by Oz_Media In reply to innit?

Just move, mate! Wouldn't it be easier? British girls are great, you'd fall in love in minutes and then the litter of children would follow. Your other dreams of hanging out in pubs with crisps and pints, in most cases North American women frown on it. In Britain, it's how you meet teh cool women.
(Hope the British women don't hear me saying that )

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social practices

by jck In reply to innit?

yeah, I noticed that about Ireland too. And, every woman I've met from England was the lady.

In the states, the women mainly won't want you out at the pub having pints cause they're afraid you'll "pick up" someone.

In Ireland, almost everyone's girlfriend/wife went out to the pub and it was no big deal.

The "bar" in the states usually ends up being a drunken meat market.

The "pub" (at least in Ireland) was where people got together and hung out, BSed, had fun, joked around, watched sports, etc.

And yeah, I met a TON of women in Ireland at pubs. Most notably, one girl from Donegal who I'd have got to talk to more if her friend wasn't wasted and needing to be walked back to their hotel.

Note: I will be stopping in Donegal on my next trip to Ireland :)

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by gadgetgirl In reply to innit?

Yup, I do say innit - but I pronounce both 't's!!

Never store more beer than you can drink in a week? Wel, so far, for the TS week the list looks...well....
1 x 3l box Stowells Tempranillo
1 x 3l box Chardonnay
22 x mixed half bottles, red, white and rose
10 cans Grolsch
20 stubbies Stella
8 cans Scrumpy Cider (oo-ar!)
24pack Fozzies.

Oh dear.

Looks a bit like I'm short then....


(yeah, ok, five foot and a very important half inch, ... I know....)

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Oz. Darling. Sweetheart

by gadgetgirl In reply to innit?

so, just what WAS that I wasn't supposed to hear?


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The only thing

by jck In reply to innit?

is, with Irish and English women alike, that I would have to get used to some of the more gutteral accents...but, I did well within 3 days in Ireland keeping up with everyone.

So...beware...when I hit the ground in Dublin next year, I'll be on the lookout. ]:)

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by gadgetgirl In reply to innit?

you made that sound a bit rough!

No, gutteral is good. Exercises the mouth, and tonsils. Elasticates the vocal membranes...

no good, can't keep this up, I just KNOW you know where this one was headed...

and no, not into the gutter this time....



:^O :^O

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You do mean

by jck In reply to innit?

beer of course, right? a good...Geordie girl like you would never...ever...would you?

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by gadgetgirl In reply to innit?
Collapse - it true what they say about

by jck In reply to innit?

the motion of the ocean? ]:)

I've only ever been on a gambling cruise ship, so I don't know what a smaller ship is like.

Another band I knew guys in sang something about that too... "There's a First Time For Everything"...

well...not *everything*...hahahahaha

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