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To those who complain

By HAL 9000 Moderator ·
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Most of us are just goofing off at the Water Cooler in this section of TR and if you don't like it well tough luck.

But if you want a reason why we spend so much time here follow this link and you'll find out why.

Now with a water Cooler like this who would want to ever leave? :^O

and this is how most of us look when we arrive at the water cooler.

Now do you understand?

Col ]:)

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but there IS a first time for everything....

by gadgetgirl In reply to innit?

every time you do something for the first time with someone new.

(Ok, I admit it, I'm the eternal optimist. Bottle is always half full, not half empty. Unless it's alcohol, of course, in that case I'm half way to the bar.....)

Or were you just trying to tell me that your virgin-like innocence was just a facade?

In that case....

come over and see me some time ]:)

<giggles profusely>


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me? virgin?

by jck In reply to innit?


I lost that...erm...long before I should have...

Nonetheless...if it is part of the price, I'll put on suspenders, my old thick-rimmed glasses, pants up to my chest, and put a pocket protector in and be a nerdy geek virgin swill...hahahahaha

And...I won't say ever that I will do *everything*...cause God man will ever get permission or encouragement to touch parts of me, unless he is a medical doctor doing an exam...

Somethings just will not happen...QED

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you're safe

by gadgetgirl In reply to innit?

honestly, you're safe. Hang on a mo'..

<looks down front of dress>

Yes, I'm definitely female! I can't see past my chest!!!



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seeing past things

by jck In reply to innit? man boobs get in the way sometimes...or I've had a big dinner...unless I tilt my head a little...or I have my natural hatrack out...hahaha ]:)

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by gadgetgirl In reply to innit?

grief, the temptation for three zillion replies there, but TR would pull every last one of them!

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timelines of beers

by jck In reply to Stored?

mixing/cooking (brewing) - takes about an hour to 3 hours, ideally...depending on your situation, temp of your tap water you add the wort to, etc.

Fermenting - takes (suggested by Mr. Beer) 7 days minimum...and as much as 4 weeks, dependent on beer type.

Carbonation - can take up to a month. Plus with some types of beers, the longer it ages the better the flavour matures (because of the yeast working slowly on the molecules in the brew).

So sometimes, it is bottle and not ready for about 2-3 months...sometimes 2 weeks...all depends on the type.

My stout should be ready by the end of the week (hopefully). I have 4 pairs of bottles, with varying mixes of primary sugars (to see which gives the best flavour with the recipe).

Hopefully...the beer is ready so that if Emily develops and I have to die, I'll have some muscle relaxant.

Maybe Ford Prefect will show up.

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Neil, What do the Aussies mean

by DMambo In reply to Racial stereotyping at it ...

when they call Brits (just Englishmen??) POM's. What the origin of that monniker? I would ask them, but I'll probably get a more civilized answer from you.

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Being Welsh, rather than English, I had to Google for the answer.

by neilb@uk In reply to Neil, What do the Aussies ...

There?s lots of answers as to why Australians call us "Pommy Bastards". The main one is that they are just plain rude brough about by excessive jealousy.

Possible origins would seem to be "Port of Melbourne" (where the ships docked), "Prisoners Of her Majesty", as they were all convicts, we looked like a cargo of pomegranates when we caught the sun, contraction of rhyming slang for immigrant, from the naval slang term for Portsmouth (Pompey), from pommes de terres for the potatoes that we ate or an abbreviation for Permit of Migration.

The potato one you can obviously discount as the chances of Aussies knowing French are zero.

It surprises me that the pomegranate theory is closest to the truth. It seems that the word began life on the wharves in Melbourne as a form of rhyming slang where an immigrant was at first called a "Jimmy Grant" which shifted to "Pommy Grant", perhaps as a reference to pomegranate, because the new Aussies did burn in the sun. Later "pommy" became a word on its own and was abbreviated still further to "pom" because that's what the Aussies do to language.

Neil :)

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But you have to admit Neil

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Being Welsh, rather than ...

That we only shorten the words because we are all basically lazy!

Unlike the Yanks who change the spelling just to mess with out minds.

Oh by the way the grace period in the One Day Cricket is over if you didn't already realize. :^O

Col ]:)

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How to get out of work!!!

by jdclyde In reply to To those who complain

love my daily dilbert! Free if you only get one. I guess I could sign up for one under 20 different free accounts and have them all forward to main?

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