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To those who voted for Democrats two years ago

By maxwell edison ·
You contributed to adding more debt onto the shoulders of future generations than everyone else over the past 200 years! AND, you contributed to the impending total collapse of the U.S economy more than everyone else over the past 200 years!

Go ahead, blame Bush. It's all you seem to do. But you only have yourselves to blame. Your day of reckoning WILL come, and you will have dragged others down with you.

What will you do when the Dollar collapses and the United States defaults on both its debt obligations and promises to its citizens? What will you do when the Dollar is devalued? What will you do when the World Reserve Currency is no longer the Dollar? It will happen, you know; it's just a matter of time. And it will happen sooner rather than later. (And why is George Soros, Democrat's favorite billionaire, buying up all the gold and silver he can get his hands on - all the while, advocating MORE government spending and debt accumulation?)

When will people realize that America's credit card is WAY over the limit? And it's actually too late to fix it. I've been sounding the warning for twenty-plus years. But no, my detractors claim; I'm just mean-spirited and selfish.

In short, the American people have elected themselves out of the best thing that's ever happened in the history of the world. They've killed the Golden Goose in exchange for their own (selfish) basket of eggs.

P.S. I also blame the weasel and spineless Republicans who were sucked into the Democrats' games, and were, themselves, no more than Baby Democrats. But whatever it takes to get elected, I suppose.

Do you belive such a thing? Do you share such an outlook? If so, what will you do to prepare yourself? If not, why not?

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You're not doing yourself any favors

by maxwell edison In reply to assault on liberty? free ...

You assume too much. You speculate too much. You know too little about me to make an informed opinion about me.;leftCol

Nonetheless, to answer your question regarding the Obama Administration.

Please tell me ONE freedom or liberty you have personally lost since Obama was President?

Establishing (and/or supporting) a medical care system that FORCES people to buy medical insurance IS INDEED a direct infringement on individual freedom and liberty. Do you disagree?

And if you fail to answer my replies - as you have up to now - you paint yourself an intellectual coward.


Re your comment: I might need stitches from falling out of my chair while laughing at your statement.

Are you going to pay for those stiches out of your own pocket, or do you expect other people to pay for them for you? I say that you should pay for them yourself. But Obama wants the "collective" to pay for them.

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Those who talk like that

by AnsuGisalas In reply to To those who voted for De ...

are the ones giving solace to the ones giving fuel to the ones that go popping caps in people...

You people, for all the good you have, also have one of the most fiicked up political discourses outside of fiicking 1980 Cambodia!
No wonder you have assassinations every now and then. Max - they're politicians.
They're all bad.
There are no heroes in porkville.

So get over it, breathe deeply counting backwards from ten, and get over it some more.
It's not like the other side would have done any better, they'd just have pardoned some more CEOs with that money.

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Get over it? GET OVER IT???????????

by maxwell edison In reply to Those who talk like that

Are you friggin' serious? I'm witnessing the demise of my own country, and you tell me to get over it?????

P.S. It illustrates - and supports - my basic premise. Less government is the best government. (Due credit given to T.J.)

P.P.S. What's the difference between those who would steal money from another, one by vote and the other by gun?

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You've witnessed that

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Get over it? GET OVER IT? ...

for how long now?
It can't be good for you to have a blood pressure that high all the time.

At the PPS: The former is not theft, and is not in violation of those natural rights you talk about. Nor is it your place to deny the right of another to give their vote according to their rights - so stop whining about it.

Instead of contributing to near-extremist word-warring, thus contributing to the smokescreen that allows the leeches of porkville to have their way with your country and everything in it's reach, you should contribute to a constructive effort to get people to agree to realistic goals.
*None of that "no social security" crap, coz there are people who will have to kill you for food if it goes away.
:Instead help your fellows create a discourse where the actions of government are viewed in a realistic, nonpartizan, nonzealot light. Keep it real.
Or keep having steam come out of your ears like in the OP, whatever.

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You're delusional

by maxwell edison In reply to You've witnessed that

You think you understand me, but you don't. I also don't think you understand squat about the U.S. budget. And it's obvious you don't understand the concept of American Democracy - as it was intended.

Re: the right of another to give their vote according to their rights.

A democracy is not three wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner. So stop whining about trying to make it so.

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The US budget is a hole in the ground...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to You're delusional

Goes all the way through, terminus : China.

Did I get that right?

Three wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner? And let me guess; the republican-backed corporate rule is the "sheep"... and the "wellfare mothers" are the wolves?

You're dumbing yourself down way too much. This is that "fighting" you've been doing, right? No wonder you're up **** creek with a paddle up your *** - sideways.
You should have done something useful, not ranted uselessly - like you do here, now.

I've yet to hear you say something constructive that doesn't concern pre-19th-century events.

Why don't you let your own history inform you on how to deal with crises? And no, Booth is not what I'm talking about.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Get over it? GET OVER IT? ...

You have seen it coming for 20 years and yet remained to see it come to fruition, merely complaining about other people's actions in the process instead of planning your escape route. Nowhere else to go? That's because maybe you see that every other nation on the planet with any history behind it, eventually separates into classes of rich and poor. American's dreams of every man being wealthy had to end one day, some people will eventually have to live on less and in harder times, again just like every other nation on the planet. A super power never remains a super power and you know that very well too.

Sop what does that leave you with? A nation that you love anyway, home.

Th sun still rises and sets in the most downtrodden places on Earth, people still wake up and live their lives regardless of economic or political situations.

If you find no satisfaction in life itself, then perhaps you should shut yourself in a bomb shelter and simply wait for the end while waving your fists and cursing your fellowman.

But to think that America will always remain a prosperous and financially stable nation where all men can enjoy wealth and success, in a world where you rely on so many for your day to day existence, is simply blind.

That's not 20 years of foresight at all. It;s ignoring the state of the rest of the world. You always say how referring to history offers guidance, in the sense of quoting your founders, however you seem to have ignored the state of other nations with any history.

You constantly comment about how people rely on others and are not self sufficient (which I don't contest at all), yet you seem to ignore the fact that AMERICA relies on others and isn't self sufficient.

How did you hope it was going to work out for you? Everyone prospers, everyone is rich or successful in their own way? Yet everyone still depends on 'something' from others.

It's a given, if you follow history show me where it has been different anywhere else in the world, even for those who have such plentiful lands that they provide America's resources.

So yeah, get over it already, or move somewhere else where you can say how great America is in comparison, a reality check if you will.

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by santeewelding In reply to Those who talk like that

I thought for a microsecond about that, before dismissing it.

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You gotta' love it when . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Solace

..... some guy from Finland tries to come across as an expert on Americans. I don't know about you, but he just rubs me the wrong way. (Of course, from his perspective, it's probably my short-coming, not his.)

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by santeewelding In reply to You gotta' love it when . ...

I see no right or wrong about what Ansu says. The rub is the thing, alone, for which I am grateful.

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