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To those who voted for Democrats two years ago

By maxwell edison ·
You contributed to adding more debt onto the shoulders of future generations than everyone else over the past 200 years! AND, you contributed to the impending total collapse of the U.S economy more than everyone else over the past 200 years!

Go ahead, blame Bush. It's all you seem to do. But you only have yourselves to blame. Your day of reckoning WILL come, and you will have dragged others down with you.

What will you do when the Dollar collapses and the United States defaults on both its debt obligations and promises to its citizens? What will you do when the Dollar is devalued? What will you do when the World Reserve Currency is no longer the Dollar? It will happen, you know; it's just a matter of time. And it will happen sooner rather than later. (And why is George Soros, Democrat's favorite billionaire, buying up all the gold and silver he can get his hands on - all the while, advocating MORE government spending and debt accumulation?)

When will people realize that America's credit card is WAY over the limit? And it's actually too late to fix it. I've been sounding the warning for twenty-plus years. But no, my detractors claim; I'm just mean-spirited and selfish.

In short, the American people have elected themselves out of the best thing that's ever happened in the history of the world. They've killed the Golden Goose in exchange for their own (selfish) basket of eggs.

P.S. I also blame the weasel and spineless Republicans who were sucked into the Democrats' games, and were, themselves, no more than Baby Democrats. But whatever it takes to get elected, I suppose.

Do you belive such a thing? Do you share such an outlook? If so, what will you do to prepare yourself? If not, why not?

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Right - just like the "rub" of seeing the demise of the USA. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Rub

.... perhaps I should just get over it.

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That's right

by santeewelding In reply to Right - just like the "ru ...

A rub.

Sell your children.

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by santeewelding In reply to Right - just like the "ru ...

Courtesy of Google:

Not only your children. They're easy. Elephants of the mind -- they're harder.

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I'm not from Finland

by AnsuGisalas In reply to You gotta' love it when . ...

Not that it matters.
And I don't try to come across as an expert on Americans.

I know language, and I know meaning.

The way you people use language in political subjects is highly unstable, making it a small step for a madman to go from the normal(1) "They're destroying our country" to the completely postal "I've gotta kill those [Party of Choice] congressmen".
After all, if someone is literally destroying the country, killing them is the usual response, is it not?

(1:normal in your political discourse - not normal in the sense of non-pathological)

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The, "you people"

by santeewelding In reply to I'm not from Finland

Is what kills you, vaunted language expertise, or not.

Step carefully. Others of us have a handle on language, too.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to The, "you people"

is a property of a society or community as a whole, a collective.
It's the sum of the standard ways the people of that collective speak about the various things they speak about.
I criticize that discourse; specifically the way Mr. Edison contributes to it, a way that seems to me (subjectively, and subject to faulty sampling) to be a widespread phenomenon.
And I can't, for the life of me, find a better way to address the people that make up a collective - specifically as members of that collective - than "you people".
I don't think it to mean "every single one of you people" - on the contrary; I intend it to mean "the resulting, de-facto output of the lot of you taken as a whole".

But I guess I should mind my business, and not talk so much.

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Oh, Good Lord, no

by santeewelding In reply to Discourse...

Talk away.

Mind, that a 45 is leveled at your forehead.

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You know better than that...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Discourse...

too close.

And pointing a gun is pointless.

Pointing a gun and pulling the trigger, that's something.

Short of that, it's just holding your **** in public.

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by santeewelding In reply to Discourse...

Figurative; literal.

You know better.

Pull up your socks.

That PC shilt doesn't work with me.

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Oh, I always take you seriously

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Discourse...

Which is why I'm here, now, too.

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