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To VISTA or NOT to VISTA that is the question.

By rpatton ·
I am a MS professional and I must admit I am confused. When I am confused (after 20 years in the business) I am confident that my clients are as well and they are asking my opinion of VISTA. I have read most of the marketing materials and I have done some testing of the Pre-Release version.

For the record my Company does not install new-new OS's with out extensive testing and experience using them. It's just not good for our reputation to do so, and risk anomalies and client down time. But VISTA has been so long in the making I want to keep an open mind.

The recent PC mag test results and reviews are mixed and not as positive as I would have expected. Apparently MS choose to leave out some capabilities which were in the original design concept, not sure what these are though.

XP works great and runs with reliabialities up in the high 90's and supports everything most business customers need.

I was wondering how the Tech Republic community fees at this time.

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by dawgit In reply to yes fair, I have to use i ...

Why NOT? Now, that would be really testing the system.

edited to try to get a $illy grin right, I give up -d

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Beta version

by rpatton In reply to Where?

The MS bash to introduce VISTA, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007.

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Technet or MSDN

by sjh_vt In reply to Where?

These are very worthwile subscription services that have had Vista RTM available almost as soon as it went Gold. Technet is geared towards support & MSDN is geared towards developers.

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Yes I know that,

by dawgit In reply to Technet or MSDN

But, that is not the problem that I have. I can sit here and read about how it should work in a Lab, (M$'s) and how one could maybe tweek it, but until the actual product is here, on a machine, it can't be tested, or run. The rest is Science Fiction. For M$ to compete, even with it's own OS, (XP-Pro, for example) it must show up on race day. -d

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I was answing the point of 'where'

by sjh_vt In reply to Yes I know that,

Anyone can subscribe to either of these services. I realize that won't help you much now, but if your company had a subscription to either of these, you could have been testing the RTM version for almost 2 months by now.

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Not that easy

by dawgit In reply to I was answing the point o ...

I am my company. but what you say is there where you are is simply not here. Worse than that is no one can say when it will be. All the geeweezes that are being showboated over there in the US are not going to help us out at all. The where, then is maybe not the right question. Where can one get a hold of the Vista that is equilvalent to XP-Pro, Vista Enterprise? or even Vista Ultimate? and not the Home Edition either, it will be useless to us. I don't want the toy version, the real thing. It simply isn't here. Does that explain it better? -d

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You can get all you seek

by rpatton In reply to Not that easy

Goto, partners and sign up for teh action pack. These are full versions of the software with NFR licenses. Cost about $400.00 for the year with up dates, and a whole boat load of otehr software.

Here is teh link:

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Sign up for the Action Pack

by rpatton In reply to Where?

Cost $400, but comes with a lot of goodies including VISTA, Office 2007, Exchange 2007, etc.


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Lots of things

by jmgarvin In reply to To VISTA or NOT to VISTA ...

I can tell you user training will be a nightmare. Even with the "classic" view Vista will be very different to your average user. Also, your average user will be lost because small things have changes. My Documents is gone and it is replaced with their user name. The start menu interface (in aero glass) shoved shutdown into obscurity and you only put your PC into standby with the "off" button.

Just tons of little things that will add up and make the job of working a helpdesk a real pain.

I have noticed issues in getting it to properly connect to AD. Also, the new network stack is faster, but word on the street is there are some interesting holes in the new stack, so expect security issues pretty soon. Also because Vista does both IPv6 and IPv4, expect a LOT of network traffic when you are setting up clients as well as in the morning when everyone fires up. I hope you don't have much in the way of legacy hardware. Drivers in Vista are ok, but it depends on the vendor and the hardware as to how well the driver works. I popped Vista Business (release) on a 2.8ghz, 1gb RAM, 128mb ATI X900 video card and scored a 2.7 out of 5. My machine is pretty beefy, but it is sluggish with Aero Glass. I installed the ATI driver and everything went pear shaped...

As for code base and such. If you are using .Net 1.1, most stuff will have issues. .Net 2.0 does ok, but be prepared for some code changes and the way the APIs work in Vista.

Will Vista be picked up on release? No. I think it will sell like the Zune...average to below average sales with nothing to write home about from the average user. I don't see many businesses picking up Vista before SP1 and I really don't see Vista being an easy migration.

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I try to pursuade my business customers to wait.

by CG IT In reply to To VISTA or NOT to VISTA ...

Many mfgs will tell you that they aren't going to release Vista drivers until Vista is release. Many of the old equipment that is still in use will either not work or require new drivers that the mfg might or might not create.

I advise my customers to wait.

Going to Vista might require the purchase the new printers, scanners, faxes, modems, that business use which are older if mfgs don't create drivers that will work with Vista.

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