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To VISTA or NOT to VISTA that is the question.

By rpatton ·
I am a MS professional and I must admit I am confused. When I am confused (after 20 years in the business) I am confident that my clients are as well and they are asking my opinion of VISTA. I have read most of the marketing materials and I have done some testing of the Pre-Release version.

For the record my Company does not install new-new OS's with out extensive testing and experience using them. It's just not good for our reputation to do so, and risk anomalies and client down time. But VISTA has been so long in the making I want to keep an open mind.

The recent PC mag test results and reviews are mixed and not as positive as I would have expected. Apparently MS choose to leave out some capabilities which were in the original design concept, not sure what these are though.

XP works great and runs with reliabialities up in the high 90's and supports everything most business customers need.

I was wondering how the Tech Republic community fees at this time.

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Yes - I agree and one of my--

by rpatton In reply to Oh, those guys....

Banking clients still uses 2000 and office 2000 and says they will not move.

The problem is when MS says no more support, that means not service packs, updates, or technical support. That causes some reconsideration, what to you think?

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by Zen37 In reply to Yes - I agree and one of ...

...I wouldn't say "i won't move" or "budge". But the "no support" will make me look at the next step, not the latest and greatest yet not tested or run through it's paces step.

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Depends on what you mean by going to Vista

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Who is actually thinking ...

If you write software for the windows market and you want to be ahead of the game, then making your software Vista compatible is not a choice, because some of your customers will use it.

Working on that at the moment, one of the things we are trying to discover is do we have to shift our development boxes over to do it efficiently. Not to mention if we do shift them over will that cause problems with customers that don't imitate lemmings.

Been here before haven't we?

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Yes At least 5 times, and its not pretty

by rpatton In reply to Depends on what you mean ...

I also have SW apps running at customer locations, as to the affect on them, well I'm not sure. The ones running DOS apps will have a very real problem.

One good thing is that MS has always been sensitive to backward compatability.


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Aye well, they've got sensitive to security this time

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Yes At least 5 times, and ...

so, unless you want to run your app as administrator (which of course you shouldn't there are a lot of things you can't do any more that were 'OK' in the good old days.

I'd be the first to admit apps shouldn't write user data to HKLM and rely on files being in windows system, but a lot of legacy apps do.

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Reinventing Vista

by briant11 In reply to Who is actually thinking ...

New system of computer interface:

Language configuration
Network configuration
Hard drive architecture
High resolution digital image output

All in ONE package,
I'm not marketing for Bill Gates,
I've seen VISTA and she's gonna go to high places !!

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Yes, I've seen it as well!

by rpatton In reply to Reinventing Vista

The issue here is when to jump on the band wagon not weather!

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Maybe so

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Reinventing Vista

but to get to a high place, you start in a low one.

This discussion is should we climb the mountain with it, or wait 'til it reaches the summit and then parachute in with a flask of tea and some butties.

Given the risk of storms, fatigue, cost, mischance and homicidal art collectors, I vote for option two.

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A flask of rum might be better!

by rpatton In reply to Maybe so

I like letting some one else do the climbing, carrying their bottle of Oxygen, and once they scale the peak, they can stand resolutely and say ?I am the pioneer? while we look on in admiration and then load service pack 1 and drink a toast to the hero from the comfort of our local pub.

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