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To VISTA or NOT to VISTA that is the question.

By rpatton ·
I am a MS professional and I must admit I am confused. When I am confused (after 20 years in the business) I am confident that my clients are as well and they are asking my opinion of VISTA. I have read most of the marketing materials and I have done some testing of the Pre-Release version.

For the record my Company does not install new-new OS's with out extensive testing and experience using them. It's just not good for our reputation to do so, and risk anomalies and client down time. But VISTA has been so long in the making I want to keep an open mind.

The recent PC mag test results and reviews are mixed and not as positive as I would have expected. Apparently MS choose to leave out some capabilities which were in the original design concept, not sure what these are though.

XP works great and runs with reliabialities up in the high 90's and supports everything most business customers need.

I was wondering how the Tech Republic community fees at this time.

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Windows has so much Hype!

by rpatton In reply to something to read.. and c ...

We have been captives of MS windwoes for so long and it is so well marketed is would be impossible to switch clients, even for FREE!

Windows is a part of the "establishment". Way back, I did assy code, which I was told will always be around, Hmm... then along came compilers, and COBOL, So much for JSR, MEM, STO, etc.


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not impossible.

by Jaqui In reply to Windows has so much Hype!

when told to upgrade the systems, switch to a non ms os.
you are "just following orders"
and you get the benefits of software that is written for multiuser environments on every level.

making sure that the report is seen by the decision makers in any company / government office is the best way to get the idea planted that using ms is not the only answer.
[ because of activex, using ms windows is a violation of privacy protection laws, and security of the systems laws ]

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Thanks Jaqui

by marionx In reply to something to read.. and c ...

Great link Jaqui. Appreciate you leaving it. Very interesting read. I wish more of the user communities kept up with things of this nature or perhaps 'big business'. Microsoft has it's place but it shouldn't be the monopoly "norm".

Wonder if businesses have gotten past the (misleading) marketing hype Microsoft put out about costing more to use alternatives..

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no problem

by Jaqui In reply to Thanks Jaqui

I figured it was a well written report, from the viewpoint of Government usage of computers, which is about the same as Fortune 500 business use.

I doubt any business has taken the hint, here in North America at least, and won't until the Governments here switch to a non MS solution.

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Update Now might challenge some tech sites

by lasersteel In reply to To VISTA or NOT to VISTA ...

For those that haven't spotted Microsoft's expansionary push in the "Update Now" arena it might present some challenges to site admins who let users drive the system rather than management. This is irrespective of whether you stay with XP or move to Vista see

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Early Vista may become another XP SP2

by cherylr In reply to Update Now might challeng ...

Seems to me that changing to Vista now may be another headache like upgrading to SP2 for XP was. I waited forever for all the bugs to be worked out of that one, and still Service Pack 2 for XP crashed my system so badly when I finally installed it that I even had to utilize the services of Microsoft to remove it completely from my computer. I never did reinstall it. This past spring I purchased 2 new computers instead, and went 64 bit. I have NO intention of attempting Vista on my computers. The only way I will add it, is if I buy a new computer that already has it on it, and I don't need to worry about any other hardware, software or networking to go along with it. Microsoft should have made baby steps with this new OS. It has taken them far too many years to have worked the bugs out of Vista, and yet they are still having problems with it. When will they learn?

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by rpatton In reply to Early Vista may become an ...

It's interesting that you had problems with XP SP2, my experience was good. It whent in, fixed some problems and we have been moving along just fine since then.

As to VISTA i will wait for SP1.


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Move Forward With Vista.........

by robert_ireland In reply to To VISTA or NOT to VISTA ...

I have been evaluating vista for some time now, and I fully intend to deploy it in a business environment in the near future. I do understand people having reservations, however it seems to bring back memories of "have we not been through this before". Yes we have, it reminds of the same reservations that were voiced when 2000 and when xp were released. So what if you have do a wee bit of work, keeps the old grey matter working. I am an CCNA, CCSP and an MCSE, and I think it's a step in the right direction.

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No doubt we will all do it

by rpatton In reply to Move Forward With Vista.. ...

Hi Robert,

The question is when, and there is lies the crux of this entire discussion. Few have said they will never move to VISTA, most just want it to settle for a bit before jumping in with both feet.

Traditionally, (as an MCSE you know this) MS has worked very hard to produce an OS that is a bug free as possible (recall the 10's of thousands of beta testers for windows 95, loading it from 30 floppies) but there comes a point where they need to hit the streets. We don't want to engineer it to death! So they make the most cost effective and logical decision they can with CM, QA, management and SWE. Yes, even MS has a budget -- Gates said this one cost 8 Billion. So they have tested it with perhaps a 100 machines in a controlled environment and 1000's of users like us. They try to clean up the last bugs and 'go for it'. They do pre-release versions so Vendors can develop drivers and even help them do it! They and we know that there are a virtually unlimited number of possible hardware and software configurations our there and that the OS will fail on some.

That being said, it hits the street and the stuff hits the fan. The only way they can prove it is under fire, just like 95, 98, 2000, XP and now VISTA.

In general large corps and the govt. have relatively well controlled environments and CM is a major thrust. So by designing and testing in these environments they have a great chance of success where the big bucks are.

The public on the other hand loads what ever they want, gets on the internet and down loads Viruses, worms, etc. and then complain about the OS. Not fair, but true!

Okay, is this me saying this Hmm...

MS then gets feed back from customer support and through their automated bug reporting system, from thousands perhaps millions of PC a day and they use some statistical tools to determine what code to evaluate and which vendors to notify about problems. Very effective and after some time they release SP1, Ah Ha now we can trust it!

That's where I Jump on the band wagon. So good luck Robert and I will look forward to hearing all of the war stories.


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Really, hope your right

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Move Forward With Vista.. ...

Still only a job eh, and if it goes completely nipples up there will be nobody available to give you a bad reference.

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