Told to go to CEOs home and install his personal PC? lol

By bdskp · boss approached me about an hour ago and told me I needed to go to the CEO's house, about 45mins to an hour away from my house to install the CEO's laptop, connect to to his wireless network, etc.

I've dodged this bullet many times but this time I'm not sure I I need some advice.

I consider this way out of the realm of my job here at my company. Yeah, I know, "duties as assigned" clause in your contract might cover this but in my mind it does not. This is like asking me to pick up his dry cleaning. It has nothing to do with this business or my job.

Now, I could go to him and tell him that this makes me upset, that I don't want to do it, etc...but if I don't go..someone is going to have to. And if my boss has to go, well, that might spell trouble for me.

However, I'm a firm believer in doing what I believe is right..and I do not believe this is right. My question to handle this?

Right now I'm half tempted to sit down with my boss and say "I'm not going, this isn't in my job description and if you push it, I'll talk to my union rep." But I've learned not to act in haste, specially when you are upset.

I'm sure this isn't the first time this has come up and I'd appreciate any advice on this issue.


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Deal With It

by Chris3900 In reply to Personally

Even though it seems like you're going out of your work description to install a pc at a user's home, it is often a requirement at my company and has been for many years. It'll also net you some brownie points for being gung-ho, so just do it.

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Quit and stop crying about it

by jdclyde In reply to Told to go to CEOs home a ...

If an employer wants you to do something you don't agree with, you have one of two choices. Do what they want, against your agreement or look for an employer that won't ask you to do things you don't "want" to do.

As long as this is something that you are on the clock for, on what grounds do you think doing what your boss need to have done is out of line?

I have gone to our CEO and our Presidents houses to setup systems for them. They both work from home, so why would they NOT have a home connection setup?

Sounds like you are just looking for a reason to complain.

Quit crying or quit the job.

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right right

by bdskp In reply to Quit and stop crying abou ...

Ignoring all your anger that is in your post you do make a good point though.

I don't think I was crying..was just asking for advice but I'm glad I could make you feel like a big man today.

In anycase, that's really what it's about. Having to either do what I shouldn't have to do or find another job.

Thanks for your reply.

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You did come across as crying

by jdclyde In reply to right right

Anger? how about just lack of respect.

You are given a job, and then going to decide for your self what you do or don't want to do? I would have a hard time working with someone that has such a low work ethic as yourself.

I am approached DIRECTLY by our President and others on the board. I have been given the key to their homes to work on their systems because they trust me to do a professional job, everytime. And yes, there are others in my department, but it is me that is always asked to do this. I have shown the attention to detail and dedication to a job well done, that they don't want to take the chance of a shortcut being taken.

It is always during company time and I am fully re-reimbursed for my travel.

I do not understand where your attitude comes from in the first place, and why you seem to think this is an unusual request/order on the part of the people that pay your wages, (for now).

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by bdskp In reply to You did come across as cr ...

Just stop. You know nothing about me other from what I posted and you know very well that isn't enough to judge my work ethic.

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by jck In reply to You did come across as cr ...

seriously...lighten up on the guy.

the guy had no beef in doing something for the CEO, but in what duties would be done when he got there.

he can be held accountable by company auditors for doing non-work related activities on the company payroll. that's fraud.

he's trying to maintain a higher level of ethics in his job.

and just because he doesn't brown nose his CEO for brownie points and freebies, it doesn't mean he's crying.

it meant he was trying to be a person of higher character.

jeesh... you would think someone who didn't want to arse kiss their boss and the other higher ups by doing their personal whims on company time and money would be praised...not crucified.

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Much appreciated

by bdskp In reply to jd

You pretty much got me right. I really don't mind helping people out but when it comes to doing things that obviously go beyond my job description the limits should be set by me.

5 people own this company and they are all brothers and sisters.

I do this for him and now I'm 5 different people's person "tech guy" using company time to do their personal stuff. And when I say personal I mean personal (have NOTHING to do with company work). People have no idea what I've been asked to do, technology wise, that went against my personal ethics and moral standards.

Using an employee, on company time and company salary, for personal uses is wrong in my eyes. And just because everyone else does it doesn't make it right.

I came to this forum looking for advice and I honestly was shocked by the attitude of many people. I should have known better and it did put me in my place because I thought more people would understand my situation. That was stupid of me.

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"People have no idea what I've been asked to do"

by jdclyde In reply to Much appreciated

Lack of communication on your part is where things start.

Care to clean the slate and provide the details you are saying you didn't provide?

Go read the post by Hal. He is and has been a business owner, in the position of your current bosses, and you will see your future with the current attitude based on the information given.

JCK is just a union suckup! (john, gotcha!)

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by bdskp In reply to "People have no idea what ...

I'm not going to go into specifics. Things that might not be illegal but violate my own personal ethics. Just like this situation does.

Using me on company time/money for his personal business is against my work ethic. If it isn't against yours, I'm sorry.

Your opinion is that they can use you for whatever they want. Ok, i get it.

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I'd rather

by jck In reply to "People have no idea what ...

suck up to a union than a single corporate officer anyday.

you get more free beers from union guys...but, i guess you're more worried about free rounds of golf...DOH! the bad shoulder! (gotcha back! ) cousin is the head union clerk on the docks at Long Beach...don't f with me, or i'll get your shipments to China delayed lol

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