Told to go to CEOs home and install his personal PC? lol

By bdskp · boss approached me about an hour ago and told me I needed to go to the CEO's house, about 45mins to an hour away from my house to install the CEO's laptop, connect to to his wireless network, etc.

I've dodged this bullet many times but this time I'm not sure I I need some advice.

I consider this way out of the realm of my job here at my company. Yeah, I know, "duties as assigned" clause in your contract might cover this but in my mind it does not. This is like asking me to pick up his dry cleaning. It has nothing to do with this business or my job.

Now, I could go to him and tell him that this makes me upset, that I don't want to do it, etc...but if I don't go..someone is going to have to. And if my boss has to go, well, that might spell trouble for me.

However, I'm a firm believer in doing what I believe is right..and I do not believe this is right. My question to handle this?

Right now I'm half tempted to sit down with my boss and say "I'm not going, this isn't in my job description and if you push it, I'll talk to my union rep." But I've learned not to act in haste, specially when you are upset.

I'm sure this isn't the first time this has come up and I'd appreciate any advice on this issue.


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Question about cousin

by jdclyde In reply to "People have no idea what ...

what does he think about the NAFTA super highway?

Once shipments can come into Mexico and then be driven anywhere quickly, him and his union buddies are going to be hurting.

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my cousin

by jck In reply to "People have no idea what ...

a) I have no idea what he thinks about NAFTA. When I saw him in October, it was the first time we'd seen each other in over 30 years, so we had a lot more to talk about than government.

b) I imagine with Wal-Mart killing all the American manufacturing jobs by buying all the reverse-engineered, slave-labor-built products from China...that not only is Sam Walton and his "Made in the USA" badge rolling around in a casket in rural Arkansas...but that my cousin and the long shoremen and dock workers there have plenty of work moving thousands of freight containers per day that come in from China.

I'm sure he's not worried anyways. He's union and has seniority. He won't be let go any time soon.

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RE : 5 people own this company and they are all brothers and sisters

by OH Smeg In reply to Much appreciated

So is this a Public Listed Company or a Private Company owned by 5 members of the family?

If it's the latter you knew this before you started there and should have expected nothing else.

Grow Up and smell the Roses this is just a Fact of Life get used to it or get out.


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Funny that you haven't got to James and Col on this?

by jdclyde In reply to jd

Because it seems you are the only one thinking he was right in this.

This is not about kissing ***, it is about making a contribution to your company and doing your job. If you are getting paid to do it, and it isn't illegal or immoral, where is the big dilemma coming from other than he doesn't' feel he should have to do it?

Reminds me of people that complain about making the office coffee as if it is somehow demeaning.

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by bdskp In reply to Funny that you haven't go ...

Come now. I do make a contribution to my company. I do my job. That is why they pay me! Imagine that!

This however is not part of my job. Which I do things that aren't my job every day. I help people out with their personal problems, they bring their PCs in sometimes and I take them home and work on them, on my time, with no pay. I answer personal questions and I've trained people to use software for their personal computer.

So yeah, I do above and beyond what I'm required to. I contribute not only to the company as a whole but to it's employees as well. I actually care about the people though..that's why I do it.

Yeah, so the point is, *I* should decide how/where/when I go above and beyond what I am paid for. Not the company! This is my point. Why is it "right" for him to use me in this way? Because he pays me each week? He pays me to do my job. This is not part of my job. See the disconnect?

It's not "below" me to do anything in this company. I try to make sure prideful thoughts like that do not make it into my head. So I don't think it has anything to do with much as you may want it to.

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My job is to provide value to my company

by JamesRL In reply to Well

I do stuff all the time that was never part of my job description. I do things for marketing. I do things for support. I do things for our installers. I work for the social committee.

So why are so helpful to the non management staff at no pay, and you won't help management when you will get paid for it.

And you may assume that a laptop in a manager's home will be used at some point for connection to the office. And it would be in the best interests of the company that it be a secure connection, and that the management may not be able to do that on their own.


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A psychologist would have a field day with you ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Well

ALL your posts read like a child that has been told to do something that he doesn't want to do. No thought has been given to what the task implies, what benefits are foreseeable from the task, nothing of any outward view - just that you don't WANT to do it.

Indeed, although you claim to have posted because you wanted contributions and ideas by return, the wording of your original post says it all: You had already passed judgment on the result and then lost it because the majority didn't (and still don't) agree with you.

It is pathetic that you are taking a defensive stance to defend your view when you originally threw the question open for ideas.

Jeez, you are getting exactly what you asked for and you're STILL not happy.

You are blinkered and it is all self-inflicted. I'm surprised anyone ever asks you to do anything.

SORRY - he didn't 'ask' you did he - he TOLD you to do it.

Get a life!

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Well you are free to do as you please

by OH Smeg In reply to Well

But you can not have your Cake and Eat it to.

But in this case it just means that you will not have a job for very long with this attitude.

But then again of course if you feel you are not capable of performing this task then you should quite rightly refuse to do it and tell your Manager exactly why you feel you can not perform this simple task. If you do this properly you can actually state the very reasons for your Dismissal and have the unique status of dictating the reason for your termination by the Bosses.

Shees where do you come off with this the CEO is the CEO and works all the time for the company in one way or another and if you really believe that he'll never log onto the Company Network from home or bring that NB into work and use it there you are in Ga Ga Land.

It's just common sense lock it down properly so that the companies system never gets adversely affected or don't do it and then you can not complain when the CEO's system crashed the Business System and you get dismissed for not doing the job properly. Either way you lose you are either incapable of doing as you are told or you are incompetent either way you would not last 2 weeks working for me.

But as you really believe that you can do as you like I suggest that you start your own business and work for yourself then you can decide what you will and will not do. Of course with this attitude you will not get much work and keep even less of it. But that's your right.


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by jck In reply to Funny that you haven't go ...

You really are gonna tell me that you think that the CEO of a company expecting an employee to come do personal computer work on the company time and payroll is not morally unscrupulous? an executive...expending monies for personal services to be performed for your personal needs using your corporate payroll is fraud...and unethical as well.

I guess if he has an expense account to pay from, that would be one thing.

The guy is trying to do right by the company...not just by who signs the paycheck.

And it would be about kissing ***...if he took company money to do little favors for upper management...just kissing *** and getting paid for it is all.

You have to differentiate...going out there to perform company-defined and company-oriented tasks...from doing the CEO's personally-needed computer tasks.

One thing is his job.

The other is a favor.

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At least there are the two of you

by jdclyde In reply to jd...honestly

that feel this way.

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