Told to go to CEOs home and install his personal PC? lol

By bdskp · boss approached me about an hour ago and told me I needed to go to the CEO's house, about 45mins to an hour away from my house to install the CEO's laptop, connect to to his wireless network, etc.

I've dodged this bullet many times but this time I'm not sure I I need some advice.

I consider this way out of the realm of my job here at my company. Yeah, I know, "duties as assigned" clause in your contract might cover this but in my mind it does not. This is like asking me to pick up his dry cleaning. It has nothing to do with this business or my job.

Now, I could go to him and tell him that this makes me upset, that I don't want to do it, etc...but if I don't go..someone is going to have to. And if my boss has to go, well, that might spell trouble for me.

However, I'm a firm believer in doing what I believe is right..and I do not believe this is right. My question to handle this?

Right now I'm half tempted to sit down with my boss and say "I'm not going, this isn't in my job description and if you push it, I'll talk to my union rep." But I've learned not to act in haste, specially when you are upset.

I'm sure this isn't the first time this has come up and I'd appreciate any advice on this issue.


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So you are saying here JCK

by OH Smeg In reply to jd...honestly

That he should do this in his own time for free right?

As any Upper Management have no clue about Network Security they need all of their home systems locked down very tightly and that includes not only the actual personal computer of the person but every computer in the household as you can guarantee that at some point in time one will be used to log into the Company Network one way or the other and if it is compromised it will affect the Company Network and cost far more than a few minutes work at this persons home ever will.

And for God Sake it is a NB it is going to be picked up and moved around. It will get taken to work with files on it and this CEO will forget the Mains Adapter and will need one at work that the company pays for and god only knows what else will be required to keep this one NB and the companies Network Safe from the Upper Managements lack of understanding about how computers work.

Sounds much more like a person fresh out of school who knows it all and feels they should be running the company the way it needs to be run so it can go Bankrupt. :^0

But of course encouraging this person to carry on this way will result in that persons removals from the industry eventually but then this one is likely to end up as Upper Management with a little knowledge and be far more dangerous than the current clueless ones we have now. Perhaps you would like to be answering to this one as your next manager? I'm sure they think that are more than qualified for that job.

Of course if that was to happen there would be no possibility of any more swill ever again for you. Well at least as long as either you or the OP keeps working there. :^0


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Big can of worms

by mjd420nova In reply to Told to go to CEOs home a ...

I've done so many service calls at executives homes that it really is common place for me. All of them did extensive work from home and had some very impresive diggs too. Keep in mind that this is WORK and you should be getting paid for the work you do, including travel time. Bending over backwards for executives is just part of the job and the location should be no different than any other. There also may be some perks involved and a chance to get noticed by the CEO should be looked upon as an opportunity. Now all of this maybe covered by a union agreement or open to negotiation by representatives of the union and the company and if so you should be thusly advised.

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One of my fun weeks

by JamesRL In reply to Big can of worms

I was picked to support a convention of my company's sales force in Orlando.

First task was to get down early and set up an area for the executive assistants of the VPs, an area for the people running the show, and generally help out computer users.

The rented computers didnt have software so it had to be installed(our company had rights to a copy of office for every user), networks and printers set up.

It was long hard work, but we ate like kings, had the odd beverage and I had an entire day at the end to go do Epcot at company expense.

Thats the first and last time I've been in Orlando.


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Great time to shine

by zlitocook In reply to Told to go to CEOs home a ...

This is a great opportunity to show your IT ability, you can set up your bosses system and train him/her on it.
This can lead to promotions and more money. Just be sure you know what you are doing before you go there. And after doing this a few times I have learnt to bring a person with me because.
Because of liability, you need some one to say you did what you were sent to do. And the second person can vouch for you about that you did not rob the house or molested the cat.

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Well I haven't read what the others have said yet

by OH Smeg In reply to Told to go to CEOs home a ...

But you are WRONG! This is a NB that the CEO uses and undoubtedly it will come into work get connected to the Company Network and if it's not correctly setup compromise the Companies Network.

Stop whining and do the work. If you don't like the fact that Rank Has It's Privileges and doing this little thing will most likely save hours of lost production time and a lot of Peeved Off workers. Resign immediately do not pass go do not collect $200.00 actually do not even do anything at all but be aware that the Door will hit you in the A$$ on the way out. Then go and work elsewhere preferably collecting Garbage. You certainly would never work for me and you don't understand the very Basics of IT it is a Service Industry.

We don't directly make a single thing for the people that we work for we only allow them to earn the money that pays our wages through implementing the technology that they use on a daily basis. So the CEO wants his new NB setup at home so it works there I would also be offering to make sure that the remainder of the computers there are properly configured so that when he logs into the Home Network nothing attacks his new NB and infects it.

Grow up and do your job after all they will send you there on Company Time and they are paying you to do this. Also promotions occur because of who & what you are if you think for a minute that just knowing a little bit is all that is required you will stay exactly where you deserve to be at the bottom. If you are unable to relate to people and work with them you Can Not work IT.

There is always the rubbish collector that you can work for running after a truck throwing garbage into it but even there Technology is coming in and they no longer need a team of Workers per truck they just need 1 driver. So you may find that the possibilities for real employment are very limited. As you obviously are unable to grasp that the Companies Network & Computers need to be protected from the Big Bad Outside World and doing small things like this is part of that job. I suppose you are the type that comes in Late in the morning leaves early fro lunch and does Bugger All when you are at work always winging how hard you are working. Well my friend those days are gone and if you continue to live like that you will find that the Unemployment Payments don't go far at all. But at least you will be getting exactly what you deserve Very Little.


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It is right

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Told to go to CEOs home a ...

I've done it several times and it shouldn't be that big of a deal unless it's on personal time or no mileage reimbursement. Doing things like this for the boss is a good way to "improve" your image with the big dogs.
It's all about keeping them happy. If they stay happy with you, you get to keep working there and possibly get a raise or promotion out of it.

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Welcome to IT!

by Kenone In reply to Told to go to CEOs home a ...

Get used to it, make sure you get paid for time and mileage. If they start calling you at home, at 3:00am, because their power is out, you need to be compensated for that as well. The minute you touch his machine you have begun the lifetime warranty, your lifetime.
Decide now where you will draw the line. I was asked to climb up on the CEO's roof and install a cellphone antennae, when it was 32 degrees out and the wind was howling and the roof was covered with snow and ice, declined and found a new job. I drew the line at safety, mine.

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by bdskp In reply to Welcome to IT!

Very wise words.

Thank you for the straight forward advice.

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As I see it, you have a bigger problem heading your way ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Told to go to CEOs home a ...

This entire thread started out with a simple question and some well thought out, fitting answers.

THEN the thread exploded into comment and counter-comment because YOU didn't tell us the accurate account in the first post. You immediately started in on the defence because you hadn't told us exactly what the situation was, and the actual original request took several posts and responses to get the historical detail straight.

Now to my point: if you have so much inherent difficulty in laying out the groundwork for your original post - there is just as much chance that you misinterpreted the actual request about fitting the computer gear!

You may be in danger of shooting yourself in the foot not only here at TR but also in your heavily-defended job description.

Tread carefully with this!

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Oh no!

by bdskp In reply to As I see it, you have a b ...

Well between this post and your other one you are just a bundle of joy :)

I came here asking for people's opinions and I got them. I don't happen to agree with many of them. Is that a crime? I sure hope not.

It's simple. Does an employer have the right to use their employees for personal use on company time and company money specially when they don't give the employee an option?

I do consider that I might be wrong on this subject. I'm not sure what else you could want from me, not that I care, but I'm more curious than anything.

I do think it's funny that you are getting all fired up about a simple question. You need to relax a little bud. Not everyone is perfect like you. Some of us need a little bit of grace which most members have shown me on this forum.

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