Told to go to CEOs home and install his personal PC? lol

By bdskp · boss approached me about an hour ago and told me I needed to go to the CEO's house, about 45mins to an hour away from my house to install the CEO's laptop, connect to to his wireless network, etc.

I've dodged this bullet many times but this time I'm not sure I I need some advice.

I consider this way out of the realm of my job here at my company. Yeah, I know, "duties as assigned" clause in your contract might cover this but in my mind it does not. This is like asking me to pick up his dry cleaning. It has nothing to do with this business or my job.

Now, I could go to him and tell him that this makes me upset, that I don't want to do it, etc...but if I don't go..someone is going to have to. And if my boss has to go, well, that might spell trouble for me.

However, I'm a firm believer in doing what I believe is right..and I do not believe this is right. My question to handle this?

Right now I'm half tempted to sit down with my boss and say "I'm not going, this isn't in my job description and if you push it, I'll talk to my union rep." But I've learned not to act in haste, specially when you are upset.

I'm sure this isn't the first time this has come up and I'd appreciate any advice on this issue.


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Employer rights...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Oh no!

"Does an employer have the right to use their employees for personal use on company time and company money specially when they don't give the employee an option?"

Whose money is it that provides your paycheck? People, being people, often believe that they have the prerogative, if not the right, to demand this and that for their money. The legalities of this in relation to business owners are likely to be shady and full of loopholes, dependent on things like whether or not this is a corporate entity or a proprietorship. The 'rightness' of it (non-objectively speaking) is determined by the paycheck writer. Like it or not, this is how it is if you are not running your own business where you call the shots.

I do not know of any business owner who does not use his/her 'personal' home computer in pursuit of maintaining and advancing the business that s/he owns. Business owners - particularly those of proprietorships - can lose everything, including their personal effects, if something goes wrong.

Is it worth giving up your job, based on what may well be a mis-perception on your part, in favor of your ethical integrity?

edit the usual

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Me - Perfect ?? You are hallucinating, I fear ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Oh no!

Dunno how much time you spend wandering through the TR forums, but anyone with a modicum of normality will spot me as just a Grumpy Old Man. As such I'll spout forth some of my wrath where and whenever I get the chance.

However, I have also amassed around 30 years in the commercial printing field, heavily influenced by computers and populated my megalomaniacs and morons in equal quantity.

You are presently falling into neither camp, nor am I. However my work experience allows me to sit from a distance and spot what might just be an accurate assessment of what your present dilemma actually is.

When you are faced with a dilemma that is not work-based, but could and may very well ultimately kill you, believe me - it tends to put your present problem in the "not-really-worth-getting-all-worked-up-about" category.

My role as advisory benefactor is frequently misinterpreted as my having a go. Don't worry about it - you're not the first to have misunderstood my Scottish brogue. :)

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I appreciate it

by jck In reply to Me - Perfect ?? You are h ...

got friends from Edinburgh all the way up to Aberdeen. Ya should hear my friend John...lives in Edinburgh...born and raised in Glasgow...what a character.

Hope to be back in Scotland in Feb or March 2009 as part of my 2 week "See Europe" whirlwind holiday lol :)

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You -- perfect?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Me - Perfect ?? You are h ...

You are a perfectly Grumpy Old Man!

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Well actually the more I see of your posts the more I see you as a

by OH Smeg In reply to Oh no!

Winging Pommy Union Leader out to screw the boss for everything possible and then complaining that the company has gone broke taking your job with it. Try to buy a New English built Norton M'Cycle or Rolls Royce today and see just how far you actually get.

Yes there is a place for Unions and I don't have a problem with that in the slightest any of my staff are welcome to join a union if they so wish and I'm quite within my rights to pay them Award Wages which not one of them gets now. I don't know how any of them could live on those low wages but if they want them I'm more than happy to pay em that and then have them committed to a Shrink for their own safety of course.

Grow Up and look at Real Life this is required to keep things secure if nothing else and if you honestly believe that this NB will never be used of work purposes may I take this opportunity to suggest a Shrink is required by you immediately?

If you don't like this situation go and work for the Government the pay will be less of course but you will never be asked to go to a Ministers Home and install something that would be considered as Sexual Harassment in Government circles. and you'll never achieve anything but some people like this being lead by the nose and shown what to do. Of course it is the reason that nothing ever gets done by any Government Department but if you think that there are hard & Fast work Descriptions in Private Business you need to work for the Government. At least they will never go Bankrupt and you will have secure awards to work within.


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by wesley.chin In reply to Told to go to CEOs home a ...

There is something like that but notcompletely that happens here. There is a telecommuter, and the company gives the telecommuter a laptop, loaded with applications needed to do the work. The telecommuter wants to be able to access resources at headquarters, but does not want headquarters to be able to access the laptop.

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Well if you have a Computer Use Policy there

by OH Smeg In reply to Interesting

You can enforce it and make sure than no changes are made to the Companies NB.

If they alter it and infect the Companies Network it's going to cost a lot on money to put right and then if this NB isn't corrected the next time that they log in again they will take down the entire system again and again till the NB is either retrieved or they are terminated.

If the company supply a NB they own it and they control what is on it.


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by wesley.chin In reply to Well if you have a Comput ...
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NB= Notebook. <nt>

by cmiller5400 In reply to NB?
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your telecommuter is a rat that should be fired

by jdclyde In reply to Interesting

It is NOT "his laptop" and he has NO say over if the company access it or not.

The ONLY solution you should provide him is to help him pick out a nice laptop of his own for his personal use. Work on the work system and personal use on the personal system.

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