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Top ten reasons to vote for John McCain

By maxwell edison ·
(Due credit given to Dave Letterman for borrowing his top ten list idea)

10. To see how old a president can get before senility sets in!

9. So we can have office pools picking the number of days before Sarah Palin becomes president!

8. So Jimmy Carter isn't the only graduate of the Naval Academy to become President!

7. So we can watch Hillary Clinton take another shot at Barack Obama in 2012!

6. Who would the Democratic Party have to demonize if there wasn't at least one Republican left standing?

5. Because when the White House bedtime is 8:00, the rest of the country can PARTY!

4. Because Todd's offered to take-on all comers in an annual snow machine race around the beltway!

3. Because hanging a moose head in the White House would really **** off PITA!

2. To hear the jokes when President McCain blows-off Dave Letterman like Candidate McCain did!

1. To guarantee four more years of Tina Fey spoofing Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live!

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