Toshiba A135-S2276 Bios Reset

By japfingsten ·
I just bought a Toshiba A135-S2276 to take with me to Iraq. Well, I've had it less than a month. I plugged in something to the USB drive, it froze up, so I forced restarted it and at the Bios screen it asked me for a password. I've researched the heck out of resetting bios passwords and all, and I'm running out of options. I definately never set a password for bios, this I know. The defaults don't work. Since mailing it back really isn't an option at the time, I took it apart down to the motherboard. The CMOS battery is soldered on. I can't find a jumper or dipswitch anywhere. Anyone have any help, advice, or expirience on this particular model and can offer me their two cents. Thanks alot.

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Sorry, I must have missed something here...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Toshiba A135-S2276 Bios R ...

"Power unit off. Disconnect AC power. Remove battery..... ...Short solder JOPEN1 solder pads for 30 seconds."

Pardon me but don't you need power to create a short?

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by AngeloPC In reply to Sorry, I must have missed ...

When you disconnect the battery and the AC from the laptop, how do you think it keeps the correct time?

Regardless of power, a short is just a condition which represents a path for current.

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Quite so, dear boy - and you said it!

by OldER Mycroft In reply to missed somethin ...

What do you reckon, based on your ob(li)vious techy stance, would be the effect of a thirty-second short on a rechargeable battery?

What state of charge would it contain after such a procedure?

What ability to retain a charge would it then possess?

Would it still function as a battery?

Or is there a risk that the electrolyte might just happen to go for a walk?

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You're dischrging an super-capacitor

by robo_dev In reply to Quite so, dear boy - and ...

It won't harm it any. Most devices use a cap instead of a battery, because it's cheaper and does not need to be replaced every three years

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picture request for methode of short JOPEN1

by jimmy.tanjung In reply to missed somethin ...

Could you send me a picture (how to short JOPEN1)?


Warms Regards

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by parkerwa In reply to Sorry, I must have missed ...

Shorting the pad to ground basically removes the bios battery from the circuit, allowing the eeprom to clear. The Bios battery helps keep the data in the eeprom. If the battery ever dies, the eeprom again will clear.

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You're supposed to read the post - not just the TITLE !..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Battery

The guy wasn't interested in 'shorting out / clearing out' the EEPROM.

He was asking how to get rid of the BIOS password.

As you should already be aware, the password is no longer stored in the EEPROM, so shorting out or denial of battery power will achieve nothing other than a reset EEPROM.

Also, had you taken the time to notice WHEN the question (that you never read) was posted, you'd have realised the OP has probably retired from active service by now, let alone returned from his tour of duty!!

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But wwhhyyyyyy?

by seanferd In reply to You're supposed to read t ...

I don' wanna...

Almost forgot.....Zombie!
It will eat our brainsss.

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Must be some kind of Zombie-Finder utility ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to But wwhhyyyyyy?

That (thankfully) I've never heard about.

How else do these folk find all these ancient artefacts that once were active threads ??

Maybe because they're just THREADS they get mistaken for artefacts

All we need now is an "Indiana Jones" avatar! :^0

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They're actually quite easy to resurrect...........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Must be some kind of Zomb ...

If one uses any of the major search engines on a regular basis, they'll notice that TR posts come up quite often. All you have to do is click on the link and you're taken directly to the article/forum. You may land in the middle of a thread though, so often people will reply to some old thread and, after registering, actually resurrect the thread with their own new post.

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