Toshiba A135-S2276 Bios Reset

By japfingsten ·
I just bought a Toshiba A135-S2276 to take with me to Iraq. Well, I've had it less than a month. I plugged in something to the USB drive, it froze up, so I forced restarted it and at the Bios screen it asked me for a password. I've researched the heck out of resetting bios passwords and all, and I'm running out of options. I definately never set a password for bios, this I know. The defaults don't work. Since mailing it back really isn't an option at the time, I took it apart down to the motherboard. The CMOS battery is soldered on. I can't find a jumper or dipswitch anywhere. Anyone have any help, advice, or expirience on this particular model and can offer me their two cents. Thanks alot.

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Toshiba hav made a patch

by encore4k In reply to Beware

B4 u all go opening up your laptops and removing this and shorting that (and all that tech stuff normal people like me dont know about) Toshiba have created a download for those of us who havnt had this problem yet.

But if like me you do have this problem (my laptop is only two days old and froze after i plugged my ipod in and then upon resseting it asked for a password), then apparently you can send your device to a authorized toshiba repair shop and they will fix it free of charge.

Go to the website and check tech support. I dunno how long it will take to fix...but its only a password.

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by stephenrossr6 In reply to Toshiba hav made a patch

ok well im in the same boat. i here in iraq bought the toshiba computer and two months later plug my IPOD in and bamn you know the story. so my question is all this shorting out and stuff like that i dont have a clue what the **** all that is. so if someone can tell me what the JOPEN1 thing is and what not that would be awsome because i would really like to have my computer back! its my only sourse of fun around here

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now thats what I'm talking about!

by thmfic97233 In reply to Beware

I tried once,then twice then with the power button depressed and nothing.I realized i was touching the solder joint and not that little square one one side(on mine anyway)so try #4 counted to 30 ,didnt expect to much but YEAH! IT WORKS !!
I then downloaded the fix from toshiba hoping it wont happen again.But if it does,thanks to you I'm ready.

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same problem in Taji

by jroddublr692000 In reply to Toshiba A135-S2276 Bios R ...

I see it's been a while since this post, but I do have the solution for you. After half a dozen of the same model (must be the one they sell at the PX) and much research, I found the BIOS reset. All you have to do is take the RAM cover off, remove the RAM chips and take the piece of plastic off the motherboard. Locate the solder pad labeled 'JOPEN1', and with a pair of small screwdrivers (or Gerbers, whichever is more convenient), short the 'JOPEN1' pad to the solder joint above and to the left of that pad (there should be a little white triangle pointing to it). If you are still in need of assistance, send me a message and I will forward a pic of the procedure. Good luck.

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additional info request

by Dempsey In reply to same problem in Taji

ok, this same thing just happen to my daughter's computer. can't believe they didn't do an auto update or contact owners of this problem. I've done lots of computer repair and have built a few but am always nervous about attempting something different. Just want to be sure before I do this. I see the JOPEN1 and just above that is a solder joint which is 1/8 inch or so square. next to it is an arrow/white triangle with probably 20 solder joints about a 1/16 inch or so wide. so what I need is to go from the square one to the one just about the arrow for 30 seconds? on mine it appears there really is no need to remove the protective plastic as there is enough of the solder joint exposed to access both joints. can I post web links on here? guess I'll try, I'm going to put a photo of this part of the computer on my website at

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solder joint photo

by Dempsey In reply to additional info request

Ok, took me a while with the photo. trying to take a picture of such a small area and getting it to come out even half way clear is difficult. took 3 different cameras and several takes but my daughters new kodak 8megapixal did the trick. hope this photo is helpful to others in identifying and resolving this issue.
once again the link is (I hope no one thinks I'm trying to promote my website. I have no reason to since it's mostly stuff about me and my family. Nothing for sale.)just in case my this will make the link clickable <a href="">solderjoint</a>

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Oh well

by Dempsey In reply to solder joint photo

don't seem it's going to work for me. have tried the recommended method several times with no luck. guess I'll be taking it back to CC tomorrow.

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Here is a good picture as well as a simplified explanation

by thebigman007 In reply to solder joint photo

After being very upset, I decided to help others that may have gone through what I did. I did a lot of research and was lucky enough to have found this forum. However, since it was lacking pics of the repair, I decided it was my duty to take care of this. Also, I felt the repair explanation was a little "above and beyond" for some of its readers (hopefully you have some technical background if you are going to perform this repair, I'd recommend you should!!!).

When previous posts said: "Short out JOPEN1" it simply means discharge/drain remaining power in the circuit. Simply connect these two points with some kind of metal. This will connect these two points and cause a "Short"; to occur. You can use two screw drivers, a needle nose pliers, or simply a tweezers. Good luck!!!

Once you have fixed this bios password issue, here is the link for page that has the bios update.

Here is the downloadable link:
Here is the link for the photo:

<a href=''><img src='' title='Toshiba-A135-S2276-picture'></a>

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Now that makes sense

by Dempsey In reply to Here is a good picture as ...

I thought that little square above JOPEN1 is what everyone was talking about but it doesn't exactly look like a solder joint. Could have been better described by saying the square with what appears to be a T and U intersected. Instead I was shorting the big solder joint next to it with the one above the white arrow. that didn't work so now a Toshiba tech has it. since mine is still under warranty it's probably best that I took it to them anyway. thanks for posting a clear image and explanation of this fix.

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Location of the picture

by thebigman007 In reply to Here is a good picture as ...

FYI, this part of the motherboard is located underneath the memory modules.

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