toshiba Laptop - Disc I/O Error

By ian ·
Hi guys,
I've just tryed to switch on my other Toshiba laptop (sorry not sure on model number) the red *Toshiba, In Touch With Tec* screen comes up, but nothing else happens... Pressing Esc does nothing, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del brings up a black screen with *Disc I/O Error - Replace the disc and press any key*

Extra Info:
There is no disc in the disc drive
Last time i used the laptop was around an hour ago - the battry died but it has been charging since
I have been formatting an External harddrive to FAT32 - but this is currently not pluged in so i wouldnt think it's the cause of the error


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There are a couple of possibilities here

by OH Smeg In reply to toshiba Laptop - Disc I/O ...

Start off with the Obvious remove any Disc's from the Floppy Drive, If you don't have a Boot Disc here this will happen. Remove any Disc in the Optical Drive and then if you still get this error message enter BIOS by pressing either F2, F10 or Delete with Toshiba's it's generally the F2 Key but it will be on the Bottom of the Toshiba Splash Screen. If the battery went flat it is possible that the BIOS was wiped and needs to be reset to correctly identify the Hardware fitted so you will need to check the actual Time & Date the set Boot Order and any HDD present. Remember to save the changes when you Exit BIOS and try again.

If the same error message still appears you may have inadvertently chosen to Format the Internal Drive and not the external Drive that you thought you where formatting. If that is the case you are being told exactly what is wrong you don't have an installed OS you should check this with a Boot Disc to make sure that the Internal HDD actually shows a Partition Type and has something on it.

Any time that you are Formatting things you should run NB's on Mains Power as high Current Drain happens when you run mechanical Devices like HDD's or Optical Drives.


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Sounds to me like your computer is trying to link to the external drive.

When you do a format to an external drive and then un-plug it, this info might still remain in the memory chips, hence the I/o error.
So try this, un-plug your laptop battery and wait 15 to 20 seconds, (DO NOT PLUG IN THE MAINS AT THIS TIME). When this time has passed reconnect the battery. Your laptop should now boot up from your internal hdd.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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