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Toshiba Satellite A135 BIOS password problem

By odademma ·
who can help me with a toshiba laptop that suddenly developed a bios password. taking it back to a help center is not an option for me cos am way down here in africa and toshiba hasn't any tech support center here. appreciate any help i can get.thanx

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Toshiba Support in Accra, Ghana...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Toshiba Satellite A135 BI ...

Try this link:-

There's a bloke there called Birbal Sandhu, who might be surprised to find out there's no Toshiba tech support in Ghana!

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If you are careful and savvy, you can pull the CMOS battery out

by Big Ole Jack In reply to Toshiba Satellite A135 BI ...

That should clear the BIOS and remove the password. This would require taking the cover off the laptop, so be very careful if you do it.

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Toshiba posted BIOS patch fix for A135 etc Aug 14 07 for bios password bug

by comstuff4 In reply to Toshiba Satellite A135 BI ...

The Toshiba support site now admits the problem where the computer starts insisting on a BIOS password during power up, even though you never set any such pw. The Document ID is 98082321. Go to Toshiba support site, enter your model # and choose "Support Bulletins". It links to the BIOS patch you can download (if your computer is currently ok). If your laptop is currently insisting on the bios pw, Toshiba offers no DIY fix, but says they will fix it for free if you get the laptop to one of their support centers. Thanks Toshiba - admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery...

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by fatemehtorabiasr In reply to Toshiba posted BIOS patch ...

I have this problem with Toshiba A135.
Have you solved it?
I can not carry my laptop to the company,
who knows how to solve it by manipulating some hardware?!

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You can't do it yourself

by seanferd In reply to Yes...

See if you can ship it to Toshiba, or have your vendor do the shipping if possible.

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Check out this Posting

by geekchic In reply to Toshiba Satellite A135 BI ...

Take a min to read the following post:

I hope that it helps you....

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Good Luck!

by geekchic In reply to Toshiba Satellite A135 BI ...

Good Luck!

Let me know if it works.

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My experience with satellite A135

by Stoicacceptance In reply to Toshiba Satellite A135 BI ...

This is googles favorite for the a135 so I thought I'd post about my experiences. I reset the bios password by removing the battery and the AC power. Then remove the ram, under the ram is a mylar film that you need to peel back, don't peel it off but near the back under the film is a jumper that says JOPEN you need to short that jumper with something metal and flat like a screwdriver or a washer for 30 seconds. Put it all back together and boot up and it should be gone. It took 4 tries for it to work for me so if it doesn't work the first time just keep trying. When you get it booted up you need to update the bios asap because its a known problem. The alternative it to contact toshiba and mail it to them which they should do for free but keep in mind its very hard to get companies like that to do what they say they will for free. Any questions feel free to email me

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