Toshiba Satellite freezes on boot up.

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I've got quite a problem, I have a Toshiba Satellite notebook that has been a great little computer until just today. My wife went to get on it and it was frozen. She had to force a shut down and when it came back up it hit the bios screen and just froze. It does this consistently and I can't even make it to the XP splash screen. I can't get into system utilities or any boot options before it freezes again. I've tried safe mode, holding escape, nothing can get me around the problem. It seems to me its hardware related and its going to mean taking it to one of the Toshiba service centers because I don't know my way around laptops. Dosen't appear to be overheating, however. If anyone can throw out some suggestions before I go rack up another bill it would be appreciated.

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by RoadKillFLHR

Did you get this resolved? I have the exact same issue.

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USB devices

by lsi1ver In reply to Toshiba Satellite freezes ...

I don't know how many times I have had a computer not start because a of a bad usb device. unplug anything usb you can.

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Upgrade Bios

by yogesh.karale In reply to Toshiba Satellite freezes ...

I had same problem with my Toshiba Satellite, but was solved when I updated Bios. Be careful while flashing it.

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Sounds like the hard drive to me.

by jcitron In reply to Toshiba Satellite freezes ...

I've seen this numerous times in laptops more than desktops. The machine freezes, rarely a blue screen of death (BSOD), and upon a reboot the drive is dead.

I tell everyone to backup their data. Period. And more importantly, by data I mean documents, such as my documents folder. Applications can be replaced and reinstalled, but your personal data cannot.

The replacement drive will run you between $100 and up, depending up on the size. Hopefully the machine is still under warranty and they'll do a hardware swap for you.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg In reply to Sounds like the hard driv ...

If the unit is still Under Garantee it must be some really good Hardware.

The question was asked in 2008 and your reply was in 2012 some 4 years latter so I very much doubt that the person asking the question is still looking for an answer let alone has the same unit.


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Old Posts

by cpguru21 In reply to Toshiba Satellite freezes ...

Why does Tech Republic regurgitate these old posts? The OP is from 2008! IS it because others have posted on it recently? sheesh there should be a vehicle for closing topics after so long. Still be able to search and read but not post.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg In reply to Old Posts

sheesh there should be a vehicle for closing topics after so long.

That is being worked on and the reason why they pop up is because someone posts to them.

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Reponse To Answer

by cpguru21 In reply to Old Posts

thanks OH.

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Had this problem myself

by AMKR In reply to Toshiba Satellite freezes ...

Toshiba Satelitte - there is a MICROSOFT UPDATE that is causing the memory corruption/bios freeze (lock out before you can get to any win-gui or anything - freezes ON the animation before the 4th blurb comes in - on Win 7). I had to send it back only to have windows mess it up AGAIN - so I fixed it myself. Hold zero and power on your machine - when you get to the toshiba logo - let go of zero - this allows you to bypass the freeze - and use the Win 7 with EMS Enabled - to wipe your comp to out of the box settings (or you can choose to save your info, but if your problem is on the harddrive than this wont help, pre-harddrive go for it). After this is done - it will reboot and still freeze - I thought I was going to have to resend it out - then I realized - I needed to reset the BIOS to default after the 'out-of-the-box' recovery - and on a TOSHIBA you do that by holding F2 before, and while you power on, simply reset to default, f10 save/exit - restart - and you comp will go past the screen and start re installing all of the drivers/windows stuff. Hope this helps... saved me a MONTH of no computer. People seem to think its the BIOS Update 2.80 but its not - even if you have 2.6 or earlier the Microsoft update will still cause the freeze (the bios update is to stop this, but I wouldn't mess with it, Im not even updating any of the windows updates til I know for sure it wont destroy my computer - I'M NOT YOUR THETA TESTER - ASSHOLES - You can't send me an update that is 'critical and important' that destroys the computers functionality...

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Yeah for those with problems with the F1-10 keys and such on start up

by AMKR In reply to Toshiba Satellite freezes ...

Toshiba's are WEIRD. Unlike EVERY OTHER COMPUTER IN THE WORLD.... You need to hold the key BEFORE you start/power on your computer - ESPECIALLY for the BIOS - it's like they didn't even want you to be able to access it or something... Oh btw - if you use the EMS Win 7 Reset I mentioned - YOU NEED TO HAVE THE POWER ADAPTER IN BEFORE YOU START! just an FYI. Learned all this after HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS on the phone with, Toshiba, The Repair Depot, Staples Warranty Center, Windows/Microsoft AND the only person who had any REAL helpful information was my dad (and the manager of the repair depo, who said - look man - I'm just going to do this in two seconds and send it back to you LOL) who just google'd it - and happens to be an IT guy so I know all the little tricks/tips to get something to work. Everyone else just apologized and said send it to be fixed *facepalm* Seriously - NEVER again will I buy Toshiba EVER EVER EVER' Any time I call them they try everything humanly possible to place the blame upon you, so they don't have to honor their warranty..I'm even considering going Linux or Mac - I'm done wtih all these bugs and problems with Windows, and with the major changes that are gonna shock people with Windows 8 (im iiifffyy about it... why make a computer more like a hard to use tablet or smart phone >) I'm a musician - I can't mess around like that with my lifeblood...Anyone know if Reaper and FL studio run on mac or linux cause if so I'm out - this is the last straw...

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