Toshiba Satellite freezes on boot up.

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I've got quite a problem, I have a Toshiba Satellite notebook that has been a great little computer until just today. My wife went to get on it and it was frozen. She had to force a shut down and when it came back up it hit the bios screen and just froze. It does this consistently and I can't even make it to the XP splash screen. I can't get into system utilities or any boot options before it freezes again. I've tried safe mode, holding escape, nothing can get me around the problem. It seems to me its hardware related and its going to mean taking it to one of the Toshiba service centers because I don't know my way around laptops. Dosen't appear to be overheating, however. If anyone can throw out some suggestions before I go rack up another bill it would be appreciated.

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by RoadKillFLHR

Did you get this resolved? I have the exact same issue.

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by shady108 In reply to Toshiba Satellite freezes ...

take the harddrive out and see if u get passed the splash scree, usually they freeze when they are stuck detecting IDE devices

from your friendly Toshiba accredited engineer :)

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Easier said than done Shady

by ComputerCookie In reply to try

I've not found an laptops where it easy to access internals!!!!

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by shady108 In reply to Easier said than done Sha ...

most toshiba laptops havethe hdds accessible from underneath, normally one or two screws and your there :)

look for the plastic access panel with the hdd symbol (couple of round circles represeting the platters :) )

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one last thing

by shady108 In reply to Toshiba Satellite freezes ...

when its stuck on the splash screen leave it there for about 20 mins and see if you get an IDE#1 error or IDE#0 error

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Same thing

by londonflu In reply to one last thing

Toshiba Satellite A105 that is freezing up about 3/4 of the way through the BIOS upon startup (according to the BIOS status bar). I tried the BIOS reset trick (remove battery and power plug, hold power button for 20 seconds, then plug power plug back in and start); however, the computer still freezes in the exact same spot in the BIOS. It doesn't prompt for a password or give any errors.
If I act quickly, I can press F2 rapidly after I start the laptop and it says "Please Wait" instead of the normal "Press [F2]for SETUP" option. The BIOS screen shows the Toshiba backgroun with the Celeron M logo, but just doesn't want to get passed that.
Other things I have tried:
- reseated memory and restarted: same..
- removed the wireless card and bluetooth cards and restarted without them: same..
- removed HDD and restarted: same..
- no sign on the case that there was any external damage... opened it up and it was clean and dry. Changed the CD ROM.
I created a flash Bios disk from Toshiba's website, but can't get to that point to where it is reading the drives. What am I missing?!?! I want to turn this laptop into a frisbee. Please help!

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How much memory do you have on-board?.....

You might need to upgrade your memory chip(s).
If you can get hold of some more memory to test out, then do that.
Another thing to test out would be the battery. Take out your battery, WARNING: MAKE SURE THAT YOUR COMPUTER IS SWITCHED OFF AND UNPLUGGED BEFORE REMOVING THE BATTERY:
When you have removed the batt, plug in the power jack and switch on, does it boot up ok now?. If it does then it would be your battery that is at fault.

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Hardware Change

by ricrori32 In reply to How much memory do you ha ...

I had the very same problem went all over the net trying to resolve and I suddenly remembered that had an external bad hdd plugged in after I unplugged it everything was fine, I really hope this helps...

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Removable components

by Bapster In reply to Hardware Change

Other posters are correct, you need to start removing (removable components) 1 at a time.
Pull out one of your Ram memory modules (either on bottom of the unit under a removable door) or under keyboard) same with hard drive, as well as battery. Also, try blowing the air out of the (vent) where the fan draws in cool are from the outside. these get clogged up and will cause your machine to freeze due to overheating.

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Me Too!!

by iamdwayne In reply to Removable components

I've got the same thing going on with my A105-S2021.I've tried removing all components and nothing changes. Could it be a bad memory chip?

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Reponse To Answer

by arkangel11004 In reply to How much memory do you ha ...

To iamdwayne. If you are still having this issue, it very well could be a bad memory chip. I have an old toshiba sattelite 155cds laptop, and had it freeze at the toshiba logo on startup. I must have gotten lucky because I removed the memory chip and it booted up fine. After several boots, I was able to put the memory back in and it worked fine. It could also be a IDE error as well. Hope this helps,


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