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By Jaqui ·
in the recent thread about TQ&A I pointed out to droolin that it's the lack of feedback from those asking the questionns that get people irritated with the TQ&A.

I know it's been bandied around to include the TQ&A into the Discussions, with a single posting screen and a radio button / select box for picking where the post should go.
[ at least on new topics ]

We have questioned the validity of this, because of the points. [ useless or not isn't relevant ]

I say take a look at, they use the forum format for their entire Q&A. They do ask that when a question is answered effectively the original poster change the title of the post to add --Solved to it.
[ which has as much sucess as people closing questions here ]

why not use the discussions for the TQ&A?
then at least feedback is easier to get from the original poster, even if the post doesn't get a solved/closed tag added to the title. Instead of having two sections of the site, it is one section, and the select box / radio button can set a tag for the posting.
[ Question or Discussion ]

no points for tracking like that, only have member activity/rating skewed higher by participation in the question tagged posts.
[ or something like that ]

Generally, no-one really worries about points, they just want the feedback on if the answer was helpfull.

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to put it in other words

by rob mekel In reply to TT it's not so much the s ...

it's the connotation of the words that stinks/makes the difference.

So if we stick to the denotation of words we have no problem. :)

That is ... no giggle fits ... no red glows in the sky to the east nor west ... no ...

Bummer, even a Grammar & US English Translator or Grammar & XX English Translator won't work, by the way translation to what ...

We're gonna mis some fun won't we


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Yep :^0

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to to put it in other words
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