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TR Community scoreboard for July 6, 2012

By Sonja Thompson Staff ·
Here are the TR community stats for the past week:

TR members with the most total posts on the forums
Palmetto_CharlieSpencer - 80
apotheon and Deadly Ernest - 75
AnsuGisalas - 45
Hal 9000 and JJFitz - 26
dcolbert - 25

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Discussions forum
Palmetto_CharlieSpencer - 56
Deadly Ernest - 50
slam5 - 29
Michael Kassner - 26
cybershooters - 25

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Q&A forum
PurpleSkys - 3
robo_dev, OH Smeg, and hikari_elvira - 2

Spam busters
Deadly Ernest - 5
richardw66 - 3
JCitizen - 2
AnsuGisalas and Palmetto_CharlieSpencer - 1

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Looks as if I'll

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yes, in case anyone is cu ...

Have to delete every post from Wiz as he's taking on C Net and implying that he is part of that Organization.

Now where is Taminkins when I want to delete a User Account? :^0


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The "-cnet" is for me...

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Looks as if I'll

that way I can remember where the heck I have wondered off to!

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Yea Sure

by OH Smeg In reply to The "-cnet" is for me...

But knowing what a ******* HAL9000 is, I personally wouldn't trust him as far as I could kick him.


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I was going to just drop everything after Wizard57M,

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Yea Sure

BUT...that username is still on file, and darn it I can't remember
which email address I used to sign up!
In fact, I think it was sometime in 1997 or 98, and the dialup ISP
I was using has gone out of business, so if I'm correct, the email
to reset the old password would not get delivered. That was way
back in my DOS internet days, using FreeWWWeb...sheesh,
14 years goes by FAST!

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And that's when Hal is having a 'be nice' day - nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Yea Sure
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Well shucks...

adding "-cnet" instead of just an email address is no longer working
as desired, any posts I make at ZDNet are now showing at "User
name not displayed"...must be something else going on...maybe
they are trying to protect me from the hordes over there????, maybe I'll think of something else!

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or keep you safe from the hoarders putting you in storage - nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Well shucks...
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I've seen a few episodes of that show!

Kind of unreal the way some people can't control the urge to
obtain more "stuff"...could it be a holdover from the old days
when we were told to save everything, you never know when
you might need it? Especially those that were in my grandparents
generation, after living through the "Great Depression" and
WWII, I think the mindset to never throw anything away was
quite common, even a natural reaction for survival.
In some ways, I'm guilty of that...I still have my old 1987
Amstrad PC 10...dual 5.25 in floppy, CGA even
booted up the last time I tried it about 5 years ago!
There's other old machines up in the attic as well...
plus the P166 that I turn on about once a month to play old
DOS games, sometimes even dialup and browse the web in
DOS still. Hmmm...I'll have to watch those hoarding tendencies!

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Some people have always been that way, think of

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I've seen a few episodes ...

the story A Christmas Carol. However, people who've been through hard times, like those who just scraped through during the 1920s - 1930s depression or lived in Europe through WW2 are into keeping enough aside to survive.

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Oh, about OLD computers, should I mention my

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I've seen a few episodes ...

Commodore 128 on top of the cupboard,or the old 386 / 25 I'm finally thinking of dumping? I may even get rid of some of the 486s too.

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