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TR Garden Club - Episode #9 Spring 2011

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AV's opening post:
My garden in Spring 2011

We don't have a new garden post. Boxy! We need one. I can't post it because I'm having technical difficulties.

Anyways, this year I'm going to have a special garden. This is the first year I'm going to try to grow wildflowers from seeds and get them to take in my environment. Its going to be a real challenge because the wildflowers are from Colorado, but I'm going to grow them in New Jersey. I'm talking about Columbines, Coneflowers and alot of flowers like that, but all from seed.

I have a few different areas that I am going to try, but I'm also going to try to grow them as container plants. Don't know if I will be successful, but I'm doing it anyway.

We've had the worst of winters. Its been beyond awful here and I've felt like I lived in Maine instead of New Jersey. I'm not knocking Maine, but I wouldn't choose to live there because its so cold and snowy.

I still have my potato bags from last year. They survived the winter, amazing! This year, I'm only planting red potatoes. They had a much better yield than the Yukon Gold potatoes last year.

I'm going to plant lots of lettuces. The lettuces flourished in the planter beds. I buy Gurney's Red Sails and Mixed Greens and they were very prolific last year.

Also prolific were the Early Contender green beans. I'm using last years seeds and have done that in the past. They are still good.


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Homegrown potatoes are the best

by AV . In reply to Potato sounds good.

They are so tender and creamy on their own. Its a big difference between the homegrown stuff and what you buy in the supermarket. They're easy to grow, but they get huge vines, like 6 ft. long. You have to use a mounding technique which is basically, you start with the seed potatoes in lower soil in the bag and as the vines grow, you pile on more dirt. Its a work-in progress until you fill up the bag with dirt. These are the bags I use.,default,pd.html

I like to use succession planting, so I'll plant one bag this weekend and maybe next week or the week after, I'll plant another bag. That way, you have potatoes all season. I do the same thing with string beans (bush beans). I grow my string beans in several large pots planted at different times.

Ditto for carrots. One big pot can give you lots of carrots and you control the dirt. They're not huge, but almost fork tender when you take them out.

You could try it. I grow carrots from seeds in pots and was never disappointed. They always grow well.

I use mostly pots and raised planter beds because gardening is difficult where I live. I need to be able to move plants around to get the best sunlight and keep them away from the wildlife.


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I added some tropicals

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to TR Garden Club - Episode ...

as house plants over the past couple three days. Got a red anthurium, a small-leaved Peace Lily, pothos and philodendron, corydalis, multi-colored schefflera, some Aloe Vera, and a thing I don't know the name of that is pretty. I also repotted the poor, sad, little poinsettia that was fighting valiantly for life when I got here and placed it in a brighter location. I'll add a few more as I come across things I like.

There are quite a few snowbushes that survived a certain someone's hacking away at them and what looks like a good dry spell. Some ferns out front are happy. And Bird of Paradise. The BOP's in back under the spell of the full sun aren't as happy, but they're greening with the rain. There's a lot of lemon grass here that we gave her a few years ago. I hope to divide most of it and move the divisions to various places around the yard. We also gave her some crinnum (sp?) a few years ago that is doing well. I should be able to divide those and move the divisions. I'd like to get some eucalyptus, and some giant Bird-of-Paradise for outside to get started out there. I'd like to add some cannas. Won't have to dig them up every fall. I like that idea.

I'm still shopping trees, and haven't even gotten around to figuring out what that tall, thin, piney looking thing is that I mentioned earlier. I've seen a grey-green leaved palm of some kind that I like, too.

Haven't seen a birdbath that I like.

I'm still shopping for the house. MIL didn't cook. I 'need' a lot of kitchen things yet. There's a 'junk room' that needs to be packed up and stashed and/or pitched so as to empty it. I could use an office. Maybe put a hide-a-bed in there so's maybe we can have company sometimes.

snowbush images:

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How about

by santeewelding In reply to I added some tropicals

A Sequoia? Freak out everybody after you're dead.

Cooking and kitchen stuff? I just spent the last hour separating what I personally need and what I don't socially need from two big boxes. Most, I don't. Finally gave up on the idea of providing for the improvident when we all are "nine meals away" from nothing. Saved only enough for two. Cost too much to ship the rest.

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Sequoia sempervirens

by seanferd In reply to How about

It's hexaploid. Very cool. Potatoes are also polyploid. Is there a polyploidy conspiracy here?

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I like those snowbushes

by AV . In reply to I added some tropicals

Its not what I thought it would look like, but they're pretty. I have several Pothos and they are pretty adaptable to anything. I'd love to have Bird of Paradise, but I don't think it would work up here.

I do have lemon grass growing in a small pot. It survived the winter in my house. I originally grew it to cook with, but its kind of ornamental so I never ended up using it that way (at least not yet). I imagine it must be pretty invasive down south. Its hardy.

Birdbaths are hard to find. On the ground, my favorite birdbath is plastic. Its just a basic thing, but I can bleach it when it gets out of control. The stone ones are hard to keep clean, if they are not glazed. I use a scrub brush on them, but they are a pain.

Its fun shopping for kitchen stuff. has some good things. What a whole lot of work, though, moving into a new place.

I have to think about what kind of tree would thrive in your soil. Hmm.


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Snow bushes do well potted, too.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I like those snowbushes

They need a lot of light. They stand up to minor neglect. They don't take well to being too wet.

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I know I don't have enough light for them

by AV . In reply to Snow bushes do well potte ...

Its the woods up here. A little sun, part shade. They are lovely though. If I lived where you do, I'd grow them.


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What kind of cones would this tree have?

by seanferd In reply to I added some tropicals

I might be able to narrow it down. Lots of branches or more sparse? Branches hang level, point up, or hang down?

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I don't know if it has cones.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to What kind of cones would ...

I haven't been close enough to one to see whether or not it's even a pine. It just resembles one. I can say that the only ones I see appear to be deliberately planted. The undeveloped areas around here don't have them, that I can see.

I'll try to snatch a pic the next time I'm in the vicinity of one. As soon as I get comfortable with a temporarily bizarre and time-consuming arrangement re: handling three homes (2 long distance), I'm going nursery hopping.

I'm fairly knowledgeable Midwest-wise. I'm going to have to get knowledgeable Southwise. I could stand to learn more. :)

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Okey doke.

by seanferd In reply to I don't know if it has co ...

I wish you the best in your discovery of Floridian Flora. Hopefully you'll meet some interesting people who are into gardening/landscaping.

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