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TR Garden Club - Part Rat-a=burgers

By Dr Dij ·
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This was so cool, had to share!
(my wife wouldn't agree)

Don't think it could eat the giant African Pouch Rat at 15 pounds tho.

I'd get one as a pet except they don't make good pets if you don't handle them alot, and they're probably illegal in the US tho I see websites where people have them.

They actually use them to sniff for unexploded mines, poor things!

I had a regular fruit rat climb up to our 2nd story porch and take tomatoes off vines, and eat cucumber seedlings, every night around midnight.

I finally got a rat (not mouse) trap, put a cherry tommie on the trigger and set it out late one night. I was working on the computer and heard it yelp so I went outside. Was pretty scary looking, poor thing. A trail of blood and it was twitching a few feet away with brains coming out. I still feel sorry for it even tho it had to die. I wonder what the people who pick thru the trash here think when they come across a dead rat in a bag?

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You're right.

by seanferd In reply to Full-length flick.

I'd had second thoughts on this and realized that I'd thought it was an <i>Outer Limits</i> (with appropriate commas inserted) at the time. Now this little poser is going to bug me until I find the title.

<i>Night gallery</i> was an odd critter.

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I've seen those Plantings previously

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Another cool garden link:

Though not on as large a scale. Some place here is selling that type of thing as a Custom Fit for High Set houses that naturally cool the underneath. It's really just a development of the Hydroponic system though.

Of course the down side is that the Material that is used for the plants to anchor to eventually gets eaten away by the roots and needs replacing. Though the makers here claim that you should get at least 10 years out of the fitting before needing to replant and replace the Rooting Material. A lot longer than conventional Hydroponic though.


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Well it's defiantly spring

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to TR Garden Club - Part Rat ...

Here is some proof

Now what would you think that these two had just been up to?

And the first pitcher of the Season from a Nepenthes since Dr Dij wanted to start looking at one.


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Ia am growing something even THEY could't eat

by neilb@uk In reply to TR Garden Club - Part Rat ...

Unfortunately, I was a little late planting this year AND we have had an indifferent summer so I'll add a couple of photographs once they are past the pinkie fingernail size.

I've tried one of ChillipepperPet's super-naga (a piece about the size of a half matchstick) and, if I'm honest, I cried into my beer like a little girl for twenty minutes because of the "naga claw" - fingers cramping so that you can't hold your pint.

I'm was thinking of this competition last week but after sampling the naga - NO! God, NO! - I am not entering... I AM going to the final to watch, though.

Neil :)

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Neil, if you ever try the naga again.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Ia am growing something e ...

let me know: either get someone to take pictures, or I'll send you the Flip down... that, babz, had to be worth seeing!

Just read the whole competition thing and I swear blind you actually wrote that.... it's right on your sense of humour!

Let me know how the final goes - even though the stuff can hospitalise me, I'm still interested!


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