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TR GeekGirls - over here! Call to arms!

By gadgetgirl ·
Brief overview.....

Mae, in one of her brilliant one liners, suggested a Men of TR Calendar.....

Jaqui is already nominated as Mr. January. We now need prospectives for the other months.

Oh, and the outfits they'll be wearing.....and yes, I've already had muttleyfits over that!

So - who do you see in which month of the calendar and why? Wearing what?

Come on, girls, time to get our own back!

Hey, if we can REALLY get them to do this, we can donate to Tig2's Breast Cancer charities....

(How apt ..... ]:) )

So Jaqui, as Mr. January is sending me the link to his outfit (his requested outfit, I may add) and he's taking January as he NEEDS a cold and gloomy month.

He'd have too much fun, otherwise....

Standing by for nominations, girls!



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Well, JD

by Tig2 In reply to ????

They say that hope springs eternal! B-)

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by gadgetgirl In reply to Well, JD long as it's just hope that's springing..... ]:)



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hey girls,

by Jaqui In reply to TR GeekGirls - over here! ...

you do realise there was a guy flick that had the main characters using aliases..of month names. ]:)

they were the crroks that were robbing the bank, and the heros of the movie.

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Great idea! And its for a good cause, too . . .

by AV . In reply to TR GeekGirls - over here! ...

I think I agree with Itgirli. JD should be Mr. October. I think he has a good time with Halloween. Maybe he can wear something with a cape . . . spooky yet provocative, like Van Helsing, Zorro, Dracula, Nosferatu . . . If he has alot of time and patience, he can go with Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies, but that might be a little too too.

I think Maxwell has to be Mr. July. He is definitely Mr. 4th of July. His eagle avatar just says it to me. I can see him dressed as a variation of either Uncle Sam or Captain America. I can't decide yet. I'm leaning more towards a Captain America look. I remember one depiction of Uncle Sam sort of - Apollo Creed in one of the Rocky movies.

Oz, I think should be Mr. June but I'm not sure why. I think its because June is a temperate month, and Oz is very subtle. How about a toga? Grapes, etc. etc.?

Dawg definitely has to be Mr. November. His avatar just says winter to me. He has to wear fur. Not sure how much or where. Maybe a hunting mode. Bearskin rug or bear head mounted on a wall?

Great idea GG! :^0

post edited to fix my bleeping smiley

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I agree except...

by Tig2 In reply to Great idea! And its for ...

While JD certainly has a great time with Halloween, I still see him as Mr March- with the appropriate strategically placed four leaf clover (wishes, anyone?).

You have Maxwell down to the letter but the silver hammer has to come into play.

November should be about right for the Dawg. Definitely a fur motif. And a hydrant... just in case.

I can see Oz in June. He could make June work, I think. Toga. Hmmmm. Shorty, or full length?

So to recap-
January- Jacqui
February- Open
March- My vote is JD
April- has to be DMambo- complete with baseball uniform
May- Rob Mekel- too hot where he is- let's invite him here!
June- Oz Media
July- Maxwell Edison
August- Open
September- Open
October- If I win, open. Otherwise, JD (P.S. I should win. My b'day is in October!)
November- Sleepin Dawg
December- NeilB- tighty whities and all


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Aug & Sept and a nom for Feb, too!

by gadgetgirl In reply to I agree except...

August is classed as a summer month, all hot n stuff, so I think we should opt Sandy (deepsand) into that one. Swimming trunks, making sand castles?? !!

September? - I think I see BFF in that (BFilmFan) Hey, he could be doing the "Directors" bit!

Now, February (my birthday month!) is one of those odd months where it seems everyone is down, with nothing to look forward to. Summer is still far away, and Xmas has passed. So how about a bit of a cheer up with a Jellimonsta?

He could wobble all over Feb!! (Sorry, Jell! )

Right, off to find ITGirli and Cute and get them in the fray, too!


T2 - pm SG with your birthday - she's keeping the TR birthday spreadsheet so we don't miss anyone's birthday greetings! (and no, we don't note the actual AGE just the DATE!!)

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by Tig2 In reply to Aug & Sept and a nom for ...

Could not think of anyone at all for February. Jellimonta is perfect!

August is great for deepsand, BFilmFan- September or April are the only possible months- Oscar month (April) or start of the final Oscar push (September).

And thanks GG. I will PM SG today.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Brilliant!

Being as I am a snow boarder, I guess I could do Feb in my boarding gear (or some of it?) :0

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Being Dressed

by BFilmFan In reply to Aug & Sept and a nom for ...

You can just capture my image file and then paste it in your calendar.

That will be safe enough for viewing wearing a weldrer's mask.

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Trunks? What trunks?

by deepsand In reply to Aug & Sept and a nom for ...

I'm a low rise brief guy.

Anyway, I'm thinking a nautical theme, perhaps on a PT boat.

And for Summer, we really should have Dawg diggin' in the sand, or napping in the sun.

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