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TR GeekGirls - over here! Call to arms!

By gadgetgirl ·
Brief overview.....

Mae, in one of her brilliant one liners, suggested a Men of TR Calendar.....

Jaqui is already nominated as Mr. January. We now need prospectives for the other months.

Oh, and the outfits they'll be wearing.....and yes, I've already had muttleyfits over that!

So - who do you see in which month of the calendar and why? Wearing what?

Come on, girls, time to get our own back!

Hey, if we can REALLY get them to do this, we can donate to Tig2's Breast Cancer charities....

(How apt ..... ]:) )

So Jaqui, as Mr. January is sending me the link to his outfit (his requested outfit, I may add) and he's taking January as he NEEDS a cold and gloomy month.

He'd have too much fun, otherwise....

Standing by for nominations, girls!



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It sounds like

by jdclyde In reply to Trunks? What trunks?

they were hooked on you being deep in the sand.

buried in the sand?

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You may be right.

by deepsand In reply to It sounds like

Perhaps is they'd respond to

we'd have a better idea as to their intentions.

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Tig-2, b'day

by rob mekel In reply to I agree except...

Well well, bridal-day in October :^0
Is that the reason why it should be left open?
I wonder who you chose to be on for October :^0


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Sorry Rob

by Tig2 In reply to Tig-2, b'day

Should read Birthday. I guess I have to watch the shortcuts I take...

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ah pity tho

by rob mekel In reply to Sorry Rob

could have taken the heat off :0 :^0

well I'll settle for may then
Any suggestion on outfit?


edited for emoticon typo

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Oh Ladies! A quandry

by Tig2 In reply to ah pity tho

We need to come up with appropriate attire for Rob Mekel. Help!!! I am so without a clue for this. I thought initially devils suit complete with horns and pitchfork but don't know I am going down the right path. Rob is Mr May.

All input welcome!!!

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Pitching, yes that I do

by rob mekel In reply to Oh Ladies! A quandry

like, even with the horns double-pitching, like the idea but a bit difficult for me
do go on Tig-2, be my pincushion :0


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I'm not sure where they fit..

by maecuff In reply to I agree except...

but Col, Julian and Mark should be in there somewhere. Ohh..I know!! Mark and JD could SHARE a page. :)

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That will take care of jd's

by rob mekel In reply to I'm not sure where they f ...

four leaf clovers problem ( ), sheep cover up a lott more
but they do eat clover, don't they? :0 , oh my, what will be left over (~|~steps down quickly trying to avoid any damage~|~)


edited for format

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by noyoki In reply to That will take care of jd ...

Sounds like fun! ]:)

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