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TR GeekGirls - over here! Call to arms!

By gadgetgirl ·
Brief overview.....

Mae, in one of her brilliant one liners, suggested a Men of TR Calendar.....

Jaqui is already nominated as Mr. January. We now need prospectives for the other months.

Oh, and the outfits they'll be wearing.....and yes, I've already had muttleyfits over that!

So - who do you see in which month of the calendar and why? Wearing what?

Come on, girls, time to get our own back!

Hey, if we can REALLY get them to do this, we can donate to Tig2's Breast Cancer charities....

(How apt ..... ]:) )

So Jaqui, as Mr. January is sending me the link to his outfit (his requested outfit, I may add) and he's taking January as he NEEDS a cold and gloomy month.

He'd have too much fun, otherwise....

Standing by for nominations, girls!



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by ITgirli In reply to I'm not sure where they f ...

Col could be on the hood of a car.

I haven't seen Mark in awhile, but i'm sure he and JD could share a page. Or Mark could have the page at the end where they do the next year all small on one page. kind of a teaser.

Julian can be on the receiving end of Maxwell's silver hammer.

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Now just wait a minute

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to yeah

I'm the one taking the photos as you girls can not be trusted to keep your hands to yourselves.

As far as lying across a bonnet of a car just provided that it's not SHMBO current Favourite car it will be fine but I must warn you that I tend to cause dents which are expensive to remove.

Also I like something small narrow and throbbing between my legs a nice nimble little 900 Ducati is my preferred means of transport preferably travelling at about 280 MPH.

And then the obvious answer is that I can't take the photo if I'm part of it and be sure that it's all in focus.

Besides that's my eye there and it's the best part of me. :^0

Col ]:)

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by jdclyde In reply to I agree except...

It just accured to me that four leaf clovers are SMALL?!?!?! :0

How could you, Tig? :_|

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by Jaqui In reply to HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!!!
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Don't worry

by Tig2 In reply to HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!!!

We'll use LOTS of them. Power in numbers, yes?

Besides, they don't have to be real. We can make BIG four leaf clovers too.

You know I have your very best interests at heart...

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by Shellbot In reply to HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!!!

i'm sure she didn't mean it like that JD..

I was thinking the other way on clover not getting in the way of what we all really wanted to see.. you know..more of a decoration of sorts

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You mean like

by jdclyde In reply to awe..

garnish? :0 oh my......

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by noyoki In reply to You mean like

The first thing that came to mind was for "Aunt Millie" (you know, the one that always does this to the kids) to pinch your cheek and in that annoying "Aunt Millie" voice, say "I could just eat you ALL up!"

And then I had to smother giggles. I'm so glad for a door on my office...

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Well Tearsong

by jdclyde In reply to Heh

it looks like you picked a heck of a time to show up!

I am mystified at the direction this has taken..... Quite a leap from Mr. October! :0

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by noyoki In reply to Heh

With a topic like "TR GeekGirls - over here! Call to arms!", how could I resist??

Edit: Oh, and if you want to see some other directions, scroll down farther... ]:)

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