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TR GeekGirls - over here! Call to arms!

By gadgetgirl ·
Brief overview.....

Mae, in one of her brilliant one liners, suggested a Men of TR Calendar.....

Jaqui is already nominated as Mr. January. We now need prospectives for the other months.

Oh, and the outfits they'll be wearing.....and yes, I've already had muttleyfits over that!

So - who do you see in which month of the calendar and why? Wearing what?

Come on, girls, time to get our own back!

Hey, if we can REALLY get them to do this, we can donate to Tig2's Breast Cancer charities....

(How apt ..... ]:) )

So Jaqui, as Mr. January is sending me the link to his outfit (his requested outfit, I may add) and he's taking January as he NEEDS a cold and gloomy month.

He'd have too much fun, otherwise....

Standing by for nominations, girls!



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by Shellbot In reply to Shell/TS6

definatley the "wriggle-icity" value..

(just trying to make JD feel better...)

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You mean

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to awe..

Use them like a Garnish?

With perhaps a Roasted Apple in his mouth? :)

Col ]:)

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strategically placed jd

by stargazerr In reply to HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!!!

We dont really need to use them to cover <cough> anything


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Only one disagreement here

by ITgirli In reply to I agree except...

I would like to say that the thought of Oz in a toga would prove amusing.

My disagreement lies in the selection of clothing for Max. I can't really picture Maxwell in such gaudy garb. How about white dress shirt, blue sport coat, red tie, and American flag boxers. And he can be holding a silver hammer with the word truth engraved in it.

I'm still voting JD for October, surrounded by severed heads. nothing but a bloody apron on.

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IT Girli you are brilliant!

by Tig2 In reply to Only one disagreement her ...

That IS the perfect attire for Maxwell. And thank you for getting the silver hammer in the shot. It wouldn't have been Max without it.

The shot you are thinking for JD had actually crossed my mind for Sleepin Dawg. You know the motif- dark den, bones in a corner, remains of the most recently ripped... :) It works for me. And it would be repetitious to have October and November in the same... eh... vein.

But I am confident we will find the perfect year.

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I'm glad you agree for Max

by ITgirli In reply to IT Girli you are brillian ...

Now one of you has to talk him into it.

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Don't bother trying to talk Max into anything

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'm glad you agree for Ma ...

Blackmail is far more effective.

Col ]:)

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Works for me!!! :^0 B-)

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Great idea! And its for ...
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So which is it?

by AV . In reply to Works for me!!! :^0 ;) ...

Bearskin rug or bear head mounted on the wall? Loin cloth - Beastmaster?

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Do you mean to say you can't tell??? You're not blond by any chance??? :^0

by sleepin'dawg In reply to So which is it?
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