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TR "peers" that use the

By Jaqui ·
top 100 list as a contact list to ask questions, without even bothering to learn anything about the person they are sending the question to are becoming a real pain in the SPAM list.

I've started getting peer messages from members who I have never seen post anywhere on here, asking me how to do stuff with Flash, Java and Javascript.

what a joke huh? anyone who reads my posts knows I do not use, or support the use of, all three of those. Why would I help someone to implement them?

As far as I'm concerned, mining the top 100 for contacts to ask questions is spamming the peers asked, unless it is on a subject that the person being sent the question does post answers / comments in favor of.

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aww por jd

by Jaqui In reply to I check their profile fir ...

getting bombarded with stupid questions in peermail from new members?

*note, do not use alternate account to send jd links to eye candy

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been slow lately

by jdclyde In reply to aww por jd

there has just been one peer that sends me links of interest, the rest I pretty much ignore..... ]:)

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by Jaqui In reply to been slow lately

links of interest you say?
like eye candy?

actually most traffic related to TR in my inbox is from people in my contacts list.

if someone can't be bothered to use the site resources correctly, I'm not going to bother answering them.

if it's about a recent comment I made, I'll answer them, in the thread. ]:)

if it's an old one, I have no idea where the thread is, so it's on the ignore list.

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what drives me nuts

by jdclyde In reply to hmm

is when it IS about a current discussion but they don't link to it and of course you CAN'T FIND ANYTHING that isn't current on this @#!%#@!^#@'en site....

I say that in the best possible way, of course.... ;\

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I never reply unless it's from someone I know!

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to I check their profile fir ...

By replying, you supply them your email address in the return address field.
No way, Jose!

Most of the ones I get are from middle eastern 'Professionals' that don't deserve a response, anyway.

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Location location location

by jdclyde In reply to I never reply unless it's ...

is very important.

There are certain countries where IT jobs are being farmed out to. I will NOT assist IT jobs farmed to these countries, in anyway, shape, or form.

Same when "they" ask about certs and which are the hot fields.

Why would I help someone take bread off my table?

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So THAT'S where they're coming from !! - I couldn't figure

by OldER Mycroft In reply to TR "peers" that use the

How they were homing in on me. I assumed I was forgetting them.

All the time I spent trying to figure out which post they were referring to and all the time the OP didn't exist.

Most of 'em I just ignore though.

But it is annoying!

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by w2ktechman In reply to So THAT'S where they're c ...

The easiest way is to look them up, if they havent posted anything, ignore and delete. If they have posted, post back in a recent posting.
That is the Scummy way at least

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I often

by Jaqui In reply to Yup

don't even have the time to look them up on TR.
I just ignore and delete them.

Though I'm still trying to find the post about 3d screensaver from I supposedly made mentioned in one.

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From my observations

by Jacky Howe In reply to TR "peers" that use the

the Top 100 has nothing to do with answering questions. It appears to me that it is based on the amount of posts the user has contributed. :)

I do what the majority does, Delete, Reply depending on who it is or post back in Furums.

Now if TR could just fix the search so that you would be able to search questions instead of discussions, it would make life easier.

On another note I would like to see this incorporated into into the bottom of each posters question as a reminder.

How do I rate the answers to my posted Question?
Click on the answer. Click the Mark "Helpful" button displayed below the post. You may mark more than one answer as "Helpful."

<end of rant.> :)

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