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By debuggist Staff ·
We're trying a different implementation for search on the site. One thing that we've noticed is that search by title is much more accurate. Is it worse in any way now? What is better about it?

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The backend implementation for free text searches

by debuggist Staff In reply to I can't see any noticeabl ...

The new implementation produces more relevant results. For instance, a search by title actually produces a list with the item at or near the top of the list.

The new implementation also uses fewer resources.

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What am I missing here?

by deepsand In reply to The backend implementatio ...

The only search options that I see are "in Forums" or "all of TechRepublic."

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by debuggist Staff In reply to Knock, knock.

When I say "search by title", I am referring to typing the title of a blog, white paper, discussion thread, etc. in the the search box. I did not mean to suggest it is an option.

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Thanks for the explanation.

by deepsand In reply to Clarification

As currently implemented, precisely which data elements are being searched; and, to what depth within a given thread?

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Note: There's another question in the above post. <eom>

by deepsand In reply to Clarification
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The only flaw

by Jaqui In reply to TR Site Search

from quick search is the date issue already mentioned.

top result from a search for linux is from 2005?

edit to add:

as you well know, relevance drops rapidly with age.

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Definitely an improvement

by NickNielsen In reply to TR Site Search

Using a single word, I've found discussions so old I can't find them in Discussions Subscribed To or My Discussion Posts.

Even Google wasn't finding these. :0

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I seem to recall that Google Groups stopped indexing TR ...

by deepsand In reply to Definitely an improvement

quite some time ago.

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