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Training Schedule Unreasonable

By remy ·
The company I work with has 13 clinic locations. One of the primary applications used by the MDs, Nurses, Lab and X-ray techs, is being completely re-written. Presently, it's a home-grown application, and not Windows-based. The new application will be completely Windows-based, GUI is entirely different and navigating in the application to retrieve data and information has changed radically. The IT Dept. has been meeting and planning this roll-out for at least 1.5 years. My department has not been included; in any manner, until 6 weeks ago. The PM, my manager and I, had a meeting and the PM presented the proposed implementation schedule (PIS). No one in my department has this application installed and the IT Dept. says they should have it available March 15, 2005. First training class is April 25, 2005.

I have many, many concerns about this project. The PM is a control person and a micro-manager. Two trainers from my department will be assigned to the project.
* No course materials have EVER been developed for the ?old? application (not to mention the "new" application)
* Responsibility for developing a training program was assigned to me
* Training is to be given in one week increments beginning April 25, 2005 through November 1, 2005
* 4/25-4/29 ? train 97 people. One hour per session is the allotted time and maximum class size is 11 students. Trainees will travel to the training facility for hands-on training.
* 5/23-5/27 ? train 21 people One hour per session is the allotted time and maximum class size is 11 students. Trainees will travel to the training facility for hands-on training.

Clinic Locations ? Two sessions, one hour each from 11:30 AM ? 1:30 PM. Training will be done in the break room using one laptop and projector ? not hands-on. Notice will be posted on break room doors asking people not to disturb.
* 7/12-7/18 ? train clinic 1
* 7/19-7/26 ? implement clinic 1
* 7/26-8/01 ? train clinic 2
* 8/02-8/09 ? implement clinic 2 ~ and so on.
* There are 3 weeks between #5 and #6 allocated for work flow/data integrity testing and assessment; and another 5 weeks between 5/30-7/5

Any suggestions? I think this is an unreasonable time line and way too ambitious. I?ve expressed my concerns to my manager and her reply is ?not to rock-the-boat; just wait to see what happens. That the project probably won?t start as predicted anyway and we?re dealing with cultural issues here?. What do you think? I am very qualified and confident about designing training programs, course materials, etc. Should I ?stand-up and fight? for the right way, or just become a part of this impending disaster? My manager is the type who is so worried about ?feelings? that she won?t do anything to pluck anyone. I want to be supportive and part of a successful roll-out. How can I get buy-in from other members of this project?

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Read between the lines

by Salamander In reply to Training Schedule Unreaso ...

I obviously don't know your manager, but based on what you've said...

"...just wait to see what happens. That the project won't start as predicted anyway and we're dealing with cultural issues here."

That doesn't sound too good. Consider the possibility that there may be something afoot here that you may not be aware of. Sounds like the project itself may have other problems, and that training may even be a moot point. I'd advise you to quietly cover your bases in writing with your manager, prepare as best as possible to do the training, then sit tight and see what happens. There may be other unhappy parties that are at work here.

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by remy In reply to Read between the lines

Your observations and comments are appreciated. This project will no doubt encounter detours and delays. Maybe I should offer a course in PM-101? smile. In my opinion, the management style where I work places too much emphasis on feelings. Read: We need to be careful about saying such-and-such, to so-and-so, because they?ve really been under pressure lately, etc. ?Feelings? are way over rated.

Change of subject but here?s something else I find absolutely unbelievable. Imagine participating in a meeting with C-level individuals, at least 15 people attending, and one of them brings her infant child who is fussing and making unidentifiable sounds, and then breast feeds right there! I am not joking, this actually happened. Didn?t know whether to laugh or gasp in surprise. Decided to act like the rest of the group who diverted their eyes and turned sideways in the chair? what a hoot!

Take Care and thanks again.

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Sounds like

by Salamander In reply to PM-101 need a change in environment. That sounds like an entirely broken situation.

I had the misfortune of working for a touchy-feely place like that, and it was a nightmare. You have my sympathies. I also had the experience of being in day-care-style meetings with howling infants, and thought that was the height of unprofessional behavior.

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No place for babies

by jdclyde In reply to Sounds like

in a professional meeting.

Sure, breast feeding is all fine and dandy but not during work. That kid has no place being there in the first place. Now if she is going to check if anyone else is hungry.......

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I'm probably gonna regret saying this, but...

by Salamander In reply to No place for babies

...I've always thought that the way to solve the issue of breastfeeding in a meeting is for a guy to stand up, deliberately walk over to a potted plant in the conference room, and take a whiz.

What? That's inappropriate? But it's a perfectly natural biological function, nothing sexual about it...

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What Have I Started...

by remy In reply to I'm probably gonna regret ...

Shared this with a couple of folks and got a good laugh. Unfortunately, the only "person" I can think of who could get away with it is Homer... doooh!

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The other thing you could do

by Salamander In reply to What Have I Started...

Hmmm...if children are permitted at work...why can't people take their dogs to work? If you're working in that fuzzy of an environment, I'd insist on that privilege.

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by Salamander In reply to No place for babies

Different office...picture this scene in a kitchenette:

"What are you doing?"
"Makin' coffee. Want some?"
", I'm good. I meant, what's that you're putting *in* your coffee?"
"Um. That's Anna's."
"She won't mind. She wouldn't have left it in the fridge if she minded."
"Yeaaahh...I mean that's for Anna's baby."
"She's using a breast pump and, uh, saving it for the baby."
[Sound of mug shattering as it hits the floor]
"Gack. Thanks for not letting me drink that."
"I've got your back, don't worry."
"I think I ruined my shoes."

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It isn't about the breasts

by jdclyde In reply to And...

It is about the kid being there in the first place.

Then there is the old sharing policy you learned in school. "Did you bring enough for everyone?"

And yes, all our plants are dead again.

How about if you NEED to reapply your "roid" cream in the middle of a meeting? Nothing sexual about that unless you live in California.

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Sorry to hear 'bout your plants

by Salamander In reply to It isn't about the breast ...

Yeah, I agree with your first statement...the kid shouldn't be there in the first place.

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