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Training Schedule Unreasonable

By remy ·
The company I work with has 13 clinic locations. One of the primary applications used by the MDs, Nurses, Lab and X-ray techs, is being completely re-written. Presently, it's a home-grown application, and not Windows-based. The new application will be completely Windows-based, GUI is entirely different and navigating in the application to retrieve data and information has changed radically. The IT Dept. has been meeting and planning this roll-out for at least 1.5 years. My department has not been included; in any manner, until 6 weeks ago. The PM, my manager and I, had a meeting and the PM presented the proposed implementation schedule (PIS). No one in my department has this application installed and the IT Dept. says they should have it available March 15, 2005. First training class is April 25, 2005.

I have many, many concerns about this project. The PM is a control person and a micro-manager. Two trainers from my department will be assigned to the project.
* No course materials have EVER been developed for the ?old? application (not to mention the "new" application)
* Responsibility for developing a training program was assigned to me
* Training is to be given in one week increments beginning April 25, 2005 through November 1, 2005
* 4/25-4/29 ? train 97 people. One hour per session is the allotted time and maximum class size is 11 students. Trainees will travel to the training facility for hands-on training.
* 5/23-5/27 ? train 21 people One hour per session is the allotted time and maximum class size is 11 students. Trainees will travel to the training facility for hands-on training.

Clinic Locations ? Two sessions, one hour each from 11:30 AM ? 1:30 PM. Training will be done in the break room using one laptop and projector ? not hands-on. Notice will be posted on break room doors asking people not to disturb.
* 7/12-7/18 ? train clinic 1
* 7/19-7/26 ? implement clinic 1
* 7/26-8/01 ? train clinic 2
* 8/02-8/09 ? implement clinic 2 ~ and so on.
* There are 3 weeks between #5 and #6 allocated for work flow/data integrity testing and assessment; and another 5 weeks between 5/30-7/5

Any suggestions? I think this is an unreasonable time line and way too ambitious. I?ve expressed my concerns to my manager and her reply is ?not to rock-the-boat; just wait to see what happens. That the project probably won?t start as predicted anyway and we?re dealing with cultural issues here?. What do you think? I am very qualified and confident about designing training programs, course materials, etc. Should I ?stand-up and fight? for the right way, or just become a part of this impending disaster? My manager is the type who is so worried about ?feelings? that she won?t do anything to pluck anyone. I want to be supportive and part of a successful roll-out. How can I get buy-in from other members of this project?

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Will buy more

by jdclyde In reply to It isn't about the breast ...

on the way back from the nudie club from looking at all the non-baby suckling breasts. All this breast feeding talk has me hungry so it is of to dinner for me.

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The Last Place

by remy In reply to No place for babies

i ever expected to see an infant.

May decide to launch a job-hunting campaign. Also, going to check with HR to see what company policy (if any), is in place, cause I know this is going to happen again.

Thanks for the grin after your last sentence.


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And in Texas

by jdclyde In reply to The Last Place

EVERYTHING is bigger, right? Should have been enough for all.

Got milk?

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