transfer hard drive from dell optiplex gx280 to dell dimension 5150

By lorne.golden ·
Hi All,

I am certainly not a hardware wiz but figured this would be easy enough to do. We had a dell optiplex gx280 stop working so I pulled the hard drive attachedc some external cables and it seemed to be working fine. We did not have another optiplex gx280 to use but did have a dell dimension 5150 so I opened it up removed the old hard drive and put in the one from the broken optiplex and when I start up I get the blue screen of death. Can anyone advise or explain what I can do?



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you can not....

by ---TK--- In reply to transfer hard drive from ...

swap drives like that... It works if the hardware is the same, but its not. You will have to reinstall the OS if you want that drive to run on the 5150. Sorry for the bad news...

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Best thing to do

by patb071 In reply to transfer hard drive from ...

The best thing to do is put the hard drive back into the dimension 5150 set the jumpers for Master then install take the optilex hard drive and place the jumper to be slave. Boot the machine up and copy the files that you will need to the primary hard drive.

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You may have some luck if.

by Snuffy09 In reply to transfer hard drive from ...

you boot from your operating system disc (whatever OS is installed on the Drive)

see if you get the option to repair the OS (not the recovery console). if so then you will be able to keep the data on your drive.

But, even if it does work i would not keep it like that, I would backup what data i needed and do a reinstall anyways. Swapping drives from Computer to computer is like playing with fire, your going to get burnt!

If you dont have the repair option then you will have to format and reinstall, reason being your not running the same hardware drivers anymore so when your Dimension 5150 tries to start up it sees a HD configured for a GX280. thats like falling asleep in your cozy bed and waking up out in the woods somewhere. I think that would give me a mental bluescreen

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Might be too late

by TheChas In reply to transfer hard drive from ...

It might be too late for this, but if you boot into safe mode the first time you boot up the system with a drive from a different system, it will usually sort things out.

Just to explain in more detail:

With DOS and even Windows 98, moving a hard drive from one computer to another was not a complicated task. You usually could boot into DOS or Windows and then update any drivers that needed to be changed.

Starting with Windows 2000, Microsoft added the HAL or hardware abstraction layer. While this speeds up and improves many things, it makes it very difficult to move a hard drive with Windows installed on it to different hardware.

The best thing to do if you must do this, is to perform a clean install of Windows and the application software on the new system.

If that is not an option, the next best thing to do is prepare the drive to be moved from the old system by opening device manager and removing every hardware device that will be different on the new system. Then, when you boot the drive on the new hardware Windows will usually find all the new hardware and install the correct driver. Or, at least ask you for the disk to install the driver.

The third option, is to boot into safe mode. This works most of the time if you boot into safe mode the FIRST time you boot the old hard drive on the new hardware. Windows will spend a fair amount of time disabling key system hardware that is different on the new system. Once Windows completes the boot into safe mode and the desktop is present, you can shut down and boot back up normally.

In your situation, you may need to boot from the Windows CD and perform an in-place-upgrade. This is a repair install that keeps most of the registry and thus installed programs intact.

Then, there is the issue of licensing. The EULA for most OEM systems like Dell and HP does state that the license for Windows and any installed software is tied to the original hardware and cannot be transferred to a different computer. As long as the new computer has a valid license sticker for the same or newer version of Windows, you should be okay.


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