Transferring files from physical PC to a virtual machine sans the network

By Nonapeptide ·
I create a VM and install XP Pro in it. Of course, the stock drivers don't recognize the NIC (jag: why is it that if there's only one driver that doesn't work on a new machine, its always the NIC? At least if the NIC worked I could easily go out and download the right ones...). So I download the right drivers on the physical machine, burn them to a disc, and when Roxio spits out the CD I just shove it back in and switch to the VM. Of course those drivers don't work because I spaced it and DLed the Vista drivers and not the XP drivers. Take two. Except those didn't work either. I thought I typed the correct model number in?! Take three.

About this time I start wondering if I can transfer files between the two machines without using a network connection or disc (no, the VM won't recognize USB drives yet either). Normally I'd just UNC into the VM, except of course, theNIC isn't recognized yet. I'm using VMWare Server 1.0.4.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

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VM Share

by Nimmo In reply to Transferring files from p ...

If you go to VM on the toolbar and select settings you will see two tabs: hardware and options.

Select options then select share folders.

In the right had side of the dialog box you have three options: disable, always enabled, and enabled until next power off or suspend.

Chose the option you want, click add, name the share and browse to the share location on the host machine, add attributes and your done.

I normally create a seperate share just for my virtual machines, that way I always know where things are.

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Is this for VMWare Server or Workstation?

by Nonapeptide In reply to VM Share

I hadn't known about the shared folder feature. It looks nice, except I didn't see an option for that in my options tab. I searched around and it looks like its only for the Workstation product. Is that what you're using?

Oh well, now I know better. It's worth a thumb anyway.

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by Nimmo In reply to Is this for VMWare Server ...

Yeah I am using workstation 6, sorry but im not sure about the server version. You would think there would be something similar.

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You would think so

by Nonapeptide In reply to VMware

But alas...

Thanks anyway. Back to burning CDs for now.

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VM tools

by Nimmo In reply to You would think so

Does the server version have VM tools, on the workstation edition VM tools allows you to drag and drop files from host to virtual.

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by shardeth-15902278 In reply to Transferring files from p ...

From vmware workstation and server you should be able to, (from the vm console) select VM > Install VMWARE tools, at which point a virtual CD will be connected to the VM, and the VMWare tools and drivers should be installed, including the vmxnet network driver.

Once the VMWare tools are installed, you can actually drg and drop files from the VM to the PM and back.

Did something fail when you attempted this?

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@ shardeth and Nimmo

by Nonapeptide In reply to Transferring files from p ...

Yes, I installed VMWare tools, however on a whim I launched my VM and then selected "Install VMWare Tools" (even though I new I already had). I selected the option to modify the installation, and I noticed that the option for shared folders had a red X on it and said that it hadn't been installed! I selected it to be installed on the hard drive and clicked "modify". supposedly it installed something because it asked me to restart the VM which I did.

When it finished rebooting, I tried to drag something from my host machine into the VM... but it would not allow me. I tried to drag something from my VM to my host, but the cursor would not move beyond the boundaries of the VM's screen with an item selected. Weird.

If anyone else has some suggestions, I'd be grateful. However I'm not actively pursuing it at the moment. Work projects, certification efforts, and a revived consulting job have cramped me for time.

Thanks all,

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