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trap exception

By ggeaton151 ·
My wife stopped Norton anti-virus to ruh a program.
(Laptop Win XP home)
the screen went black with the following in white:

tr=0028 cr0=00000011 cr2=00000000 idt Limit=07ff

cs:eip=008:A12AAB18 ss:esp=0010:00061FE8

flags=00010016 NoCy NOZr IntDisDown TRAPDis

eax=000010016 ebx=00401329 ecx=00001618
edx=534D0040 ds=0010 es=0010

edi+0047164F esi+00051D68 edp=00061ffO
crO=00000011 fs=0030 gs=0000

All atempts to reboot have failed, including pulling plug
and battery and restarting. Same screen shows up. Running
Norton AV from CD allows scan but looks for definitions of
"A" drive.

Please advise best course to re-boot. I have Norton Utilities
on the machine but no disk! I thought I had a re-boot/Start
disk but after recent move i am unable to find. I appreciate
any help i can get. Thanks, Gary

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by Walkerxp92 In reply to trap exception

I would suggest just taking Norton completely off your system and go to and download a free version of AVG... I have on many occasions had to do this because Norton didn't find certain viruses that would completely kill the computer. Bottom line AVG is free and really good, Norton has problems. (Personal opinion from experience)

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by Walkerxp92 In reply to trap exception

Wanted to ad another answer... I look into buying another hard drive for you pc and take the old one out... reinstall everything on you new hard drive, make sure you install some sort of antivirus (my suggestions is just to go to and download AVG for free, it is actually a really good antivirus)...

once you are fully functional plug in your old hard drive as a slave so you have access to both hard drives and see if you OS detects the old one as just another hard drive then run a scan of that hard drive for viruses and see what you get.

once it is cleaned up just start copying you files from that hard drive to your new one...

then when you are completely done just format the old hard drive and you should be done and now you also have another hard drive to store additional data on...

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