Trouble with XP on a SSD

By kentontator ·
I am trying to install windows XP 64 bit onto a OCZ Solid State Drive. When I boot up from the cd it says that the Setup did not find any hard disk drive.

Now I have tried to install under both ACHI and ATA modes from the bios. ACHI just blue screens and ATA doesn't find the HDD.

I believe I need to add in my own driver for the SSD when windows is booting up(pressing f6) however I do not know what driver I need.

the PC is a Dell Precision T7400, I see lots of drivers on their site but am unsure which to use.

any help would be appreciated

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Maybe it's somewhere at OCZ but I didn't find anything for 64 bit.

by Ron K. In reply to Trouble with XP on a SSD

I looked pretty thoroughly too. Maybe I missed something.

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still no luck

by kentontator In reply to Maybe it's somewhere at O ...

still no luck, do you think that the drive has problems with 64 bit?

I can now load drivers during the windows install but once loaded no hard drive shows up

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I'm wondering about 64 bit.

by Ron K. In reply to still no luck

I didn't see anything at the website about 64 bit. Did you?

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I did it!

by kentontator In reply to Trouble with XP on a SSD

and I have no idea how.....I unplugged all of the sata cables, and anything that was not being used. Then I just built it up from there plugging in only what I needed and then, BOOM hard drive recognized....very odd. Didn't need to force a driver to it or anything.

thanks for every ones help on my four day process of installing XP on an SSD!

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I never thought of doing that.

by Ron K. In reply to I did it!

I'm glad you fixed it, all on your own, too.

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was that unplugging drives such as DVD/CD and SATA?

by CG IT In reply to I did it!

an did you have a floppy drive?

were there any drives that you left off before you were able to install?

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floppy was usb

by kentontator In reply to was that unplugging drive ...

I unplugged everything, I had some sata cables that were leading to nothing, and kept on the cables leading to a dvd rom and the ssd.

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Pulling from the depths of my nether regions

by mafergus In reply to floppy was usb

I do remember that sometimes removing the cables can force BIOS to reallocate resources. Kind of like shorting the reset pins to force the reset. But this goes back to the days of DOS and windows 3.X

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