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Troublesome Managers....Need some advice guys !!!

By stargazerr ·
My manager is a very very nice person but he becomes difficult at times.

I am trying to buy an anti virus for the office but my manager is advising me and everyone else to use AVG free edition, which is strictly for home users. We aould get fined a thousand pounds a piece. His reason is that the other offices are using it. The other offices are in another country and are hidden behind a law that says they are ok as long as they are using laptops. But that law is not applicable in the UK.

How do I make him understand??

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Use your email

by jdclyde In reply to Thanx GG

and keep HARD COPIES of all emails.

Make sure to always "Reply with history" so it is clear to anyone what is being said all the way through.

State clearly that this is illegal and you feel uncomfortable being told to act like a criminal and will need a lock on the drawer of your desk if you feel that others that you work with ARE criminals.

Show the advantages of the support and features for the paid version.

He is just trying to save a penny, and will spend a dollar to do it.

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A Pound actually !!!

by stargazerr In reply to Use your email

Hmmm....I never thought about replying with history...I usually delete text before replying to the email (to keep it neat and clean).

In this case, I guess I will just have to stop being so neat ..Thanx for the tip jd.

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I rarely clear it

by jdclyde In reply to A Pound actually !!!

because if someone has many things going on in their day, and all of a sudden get an email from me saying "yes, sounds good", they are going to have no idea what I am babbling about.

By leaving the history intact, it is easy for them to see what I am replying too.

When it comes to a cya situation like this, it is twice as important to have all of that information together.

Good luck with this.

Neatness is WAY over rated anyways.

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by stargazerr In reply to I rarely clear it

Yeah ... my granny is the cause of this she is super clean and i have been living wit her for the past $ months

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In that case

by jdclyde In reply to chuckle

come to my house! I need a neat freak to room with me for about a month! ;\ I will do all the cooking! (you do like steak, right?)

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Unfortunately !!!

by stargazerr In reply to chuckle

I am another one of those freaks .... I am a veggie ....

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oh, your one of THEM?

by jdclyde In reply to chuckle

Oh well, probably wouldn't have had the strength to push the vacume around anyways..... (did I say that out loud?)

So are you a health nut, someone that doesn't like the taste, or a "love animals, not eat them" kind of person?

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by stargazerr In reply to chuckle

I want to be a health nut...but I am too lazy....

Its a love animals thing....I got into a major argument with a colleugue the other day Something about molars and premolars (teeth)

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by AttackComputerWhiz In reply to Use your email

If you can (preferably in a personal file form from your mail client) save the mail on a thumb drive. That way you can secure your files off the server. I do that and there have been occassions where I had to dig back four or five years to find a message that covered my butt. It's worth the little extra effort and you don't have to search through stacks of paper. There are way too many people jockeying for position out there not to CYA anyway you can!

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Yep done that....

by stargazerr In reply to Easier

Email can be a pain to search i have already backed these messages up..


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