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By OnTheRopes ·
Reading the Friday Yuk gave me the idea to start what I'm calling TR's Garden Club. You can see how it started here: (scroll down) <br><br>
Some of you may be wondering WTF but I think having a discussion where we can post pix of garden-related stuff is a good idea seeing as those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are moving into Spring and Summer and, chances are, we'll be turning our attention outdoors to our yards and gardens.<br><br>
Currently my yard and gardens are a mess. A BIG mess. Half my yard is under six inches of water. It's the worst flooding in 29 years worth of memory. If it hadn't flooded I'd soon be planting flowers and plants in a garden box I made last year and doing other much-needed yardwork when it warms. Since we are flooded I changed plans and am finally going to focus on working in our long-neglected rose garden.<br><br>
Here's what you have to do to belong to TR's Garden Club. Participate with anything other than a flame. Flames will be graded for original content and/or ignored.<br><br>
This is a chance for everyone to put that digital camera to some use. Take pix of a growing project and post 'em here. For those of you who don't have a garden post pix of your favorite houseplants. For those of you who have neither consider getting started with a plant or post pix of the first flowers you see this Spring. Or post pix and commentary of whatever floats your boat.<br><br>
I'm going to put serious effort into keeping the tone of this discussion light. Y'all feel free to laugh at my effed up garden. That's fine. I know it's not too long and it'll look much better. It won't turn this place into Shangri-La but it'll make it just a little bit nicer outside.<br><br>
Before we get started I want to say that I'm po' folk so don't expect to see me putting in fountains and ponds and whatnot. I'm going to focus on growing nice flowers. If they look cool and I'm not over-run with weeds I'll figure I'm successful. Now, if you want to see something horrendous, take a look at this:<br><br>
<img src="" br><br>
Seriously, you <i>gotta</i> be humble to post a picture like that. That is what I see out my back window. I hate the way it looks so I'm going to fix it as soon as the weather allows. Right now there's a blanket of leaves covering the roses so they'll survive the winter. I'm going to tear out the fence, rake it all out, weed out everything that's not a rose and mulch the entire thing for weed-control.<br><br>
Surely if I can post my gardening nightmare you can post yours.<br><br>
Why not do this, if you've never grown anything, grab some seeds, throw 'em in a pot with some soil and take pix of what grows. It's been my experience that growing something (homegrown?) <cough> excuse me </cough>, growing something relieves some of the stress in my life and God knows we all need a stress reliever.<br><br>
What's any of this have to do with IT? Nothing. That's the point. Gardening/growing plants is supposed to be relaxing. Why not take a small break from the stress of your job in IT and become a Garden Club participant. <br><br>
Further, I'll bet that no one has pix of a garden in worse condition than mine. Dead people have better looking gardens.<br><br>
Post your pix or just check back to see if this discussion died on the vine. (I got a million of 'em.)

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Just asked my wife

by OnTheRopes In reply to That partcular one is a c ...

We've got a couple of climbing roses as you might suspect from the trellis that's falling over. About all I ever did with the rose garden was marvel at the flowers.
I'm going to have to look at all of the rose branches and try to determine if I need to cut back or not. I'm pretty much a noob at this. Do you put anything on the cut ends or just cut 'em and leave 'em?

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I don't trim the climber at all...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Just asked my wife

just the 'tea roses' I think they're called. And no, I don't put anything on the cut ends.

I planted that climber about 8 years ago, and with the exception of a couple of organic feeds, never mess with it except to cut flowers to bring in. Every now and then I collect all the fading flowers and make my own rosewater.

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Gotta ask or look it up

by OnTheRopes In reply to I don't trim the climber ...

How do you make rosewater and what's it good for? Even though our garden looks like crap we get a LOT of blossoms. It'd be kind of cool to do something with them when they start to fade out. I never even thought about it before now.

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Making rosewater...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Gotta ask or look it up

I use mineral water from Hot Springs AR (we have a place there and so drag lots of it home to drink and use in coffee, tea, and well... rosewater).
Boil the water to a hard boil. Turn off the heat, dump a mess of rose petals in the water. Steep overnight, strain.
Beyond the fact that it smells good, rosewater is reputed to be good for skin and hair, as well as help relieve dandruff and its' associated itch. It's also kind of a nice face spritzer on hot days! I think it really is helpful for hair and skin as when I run out the OH gripes for a fresh batch (being the one with itchy dandruff).

The climber has abundant flowers, so I can collect lots of petals from just beginning to fade flowers. You're really supposed to use fresher petals, but I can't bring myself to pluck the new flowers.

Rose hips (the bud/pod like thing left behind after the petals fall) are high in vitamin C. But I haven't played much with rose hips. It's another thing on my 'list'.

edit to add the afterthought: As I make such huge batches I refrigerate what is not in use. It keeps pretty well. I still have a couple bottles from 2 years ago and they smell good and appear to still be working on OH's head.

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Re if it isn't fragrant I don't grow it!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to That partcular one is a c ...

How dare you Davette. Smelly things are not a reason to grow anything though they do provide an excuse for the Criminals to come into the Yard as they where Just Smelling the Roses.

How about this for a Fragrance try growing a Nepenthes anything. The Tropical Pitcher Plant they look, marvelous particularly some of the Hybrids but you never let em flower if you have any brains. Well the first one maybe just to find out why you are told this you let one flower till the first flower on the spike opens and then you cut it off and burn it somewhere far far far away. These things attract Insects like there is no tomorrow but the smell is another thing completely like Rotting Meat. But the Ants love it. If you want to allow these to flower place them in a well ventilated space away for where you want to work as the smell will overpower you and the neighbors will be calling the Police reporting the Rotting Dead Person/Cat/Dog next door. :^0

These are something that you never grow for the fragrance but for the looks.

As for the trees that you mentioned just make sure that you don't plant them within Striking Distance of the house. Trees make a very big mess when they fall over and if the house is in the road you need to start looking for another place to live while the Contractors rebuild your old house with a new one and pull down all the trees that are too Close. Also if you live in a Fire Area you need to keep Trees a long way away from the dwelling as they can spread the fire much better than anything else. They also set fire to the Leaves that they drop on your Roof and this all ends up in the guttering which causes the house and all it's contents to disappear. Not good for tomorrows cloths that you wanted to wear or your Insurance Premiums either.


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Too late on the trees Hal...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Re [i]if it isn't fragran ...

The previous owner put in oaks and sweetgum - about 50 years ago. The oaks are humongous and could take out the neighbors across the street if they fell that way. The sweetgum that is furthest from the house could take out the house if it fell right... We also have mimosa - gorgeous things those in bloom.

But I added redbud, silver-leaf maple,and would like to have dogwood.

Pitcher plant - ummm no. I get enough grief from some of the neighbors now. And I'm not sure I would want that fragrance wafting through the house. I'm a bit picky about that.


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Wow, in Nooby... Pal..

by ComputerCookie In reply to That partcular one is a c ...

not only are the residents on drugs, but the plants also, LOL.

Can you please tell me how to get some!!!

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Wow, in Nooby... Pal..

it comes from never growing up and spending too much time playing in the dirt!

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So you're a dud gardener

by ComputerCookie In reply to Actually...

or just liked company of mum and dad, but never really took any notice of what they were trying to teach you!

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So share YOUR expertise with us

by OnTheRopes In reply to So you're a dud gardener

I'm a dud all the way around. No doubt I could benefit from your enlightenment.<br><br>
For original content I give your post a 1 on the 1 to 10 scale with 1 being lowest. Surely you can do better than that. Further posts may be ignored and your membership revoked. :^0 <br>

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