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By OnTheRopes ·
Reading the Friday Yuk gave me the idea to start what I'm calling TR's Garden Club. You can see how it started here: (scroll down) <br><br>
Some of you may be wondering WTF but I think having a discussion where we can post pix of garden-related stuff is a good idea seeing as those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are moving into Spring and Summer and, chances are, we'll be turning our attention outdoors to our yards and gardens.<br><br>
Currently my yard and gardens are a mess. A BIG mess. Half my yard is under six inches of water. It's the worst flooding in 29 years worth of memory. If it hadn't flooded I'd soon be planting flowers and plants in a garden box I made last year and doing other much-needed yardwork when it warms. Since we are flooded I changed plans and am finally going to focus on working in our long-neglected rose garden.<br><br>
Here's what you have to do to belong to TR's Garden Club. Participate with anything other than a flame. Flames will be graded for original content and/or ignored.<br><br>
This is a chance for everyone to put that digital camera to some use. Take pix of a growing project and post 'em here. For those of you who don't have a garden post pix of your favorite houseplants. For those of you who have neither consider getting started with a plant or post pix of the first flowers you see this Spring. Or post pix and commentary of whatever floats your boat.<br><br>
I'm going to put serious effort into keeping the tone of this discussion light. Y'all feel free to laugh at my effed up garden. That's fine. I know it's not too long and it'll look much better. It won't turn this place into Shangri-La but it'll make it just a little bit nicer outside.<br><br>
Before we get started I want to say that I'm po' folk so don't expect to see me putting in fountains and ponds and whatnot. I'm going to focus on growing nice flowers. If they look cool and I'm not over-run with weeds I'll figure I'm successful. Now, if you want to see something horrendous, take a look at this:<br><br>
<img src="" br><br>
Seriously, you <i>gotta</i> be humble to post a picture like that. That is what I see out my back window. I hate the way it looks so I'm going to fix it as soon as the weather allows. Right now there's a blanket of leaves covering the roses so they'll survive the winter. I'm going to tear out the fence, rake it all out, weed out everything that's not a rose and mulch the entire thing for weed-control.<br><br>
Surely if I can post my gardening nightmare you can post yours.<br><br>
Why not do this, if you've never grown anything, grab some seeds, throw 'em in a pot with some soil and take pix of what grows. It's been my experience that growing something (homegrown?) <cough> excuse me </cough>, growing something relieves some of the stress in my life and God knows we all need a stress reliever.<br><br>
What's any of this have to do with IT? Nothing. That's the point. Gardening/growing plants is supposed to be relaxing. Why not take a small break from the stress of your job in IT and become a Garden Club participant. <br><br>
Further, I'll bet that no one has pix of a garden in worse condition than mine. Dead people have better looking gardens.<br><br>
Post your pix or just check back to see if this discussion died on the vine. (I got a million of 'em.)

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I prefer to restrict my creative activity

by ComputerCookie In reply to So share YOUR expertise w ...

to the lawn, when it come to gardening I just do as I'm told.

Which reminds me that I must get the aerator out again.

Plenty of lawn,gardens,edges and trees to mow around and after virtually no rain for 7 weeks decided to feritise on New Years Eve as we had showers and more forecast.

Ended up with 551mm (nearly 22") in Jan-Feb.

So reasonably busy, nearly a whole day to do the edges and the lawn, then have to clean up the paths and paved areas.

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Self-deleting post...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to So share YOUR expertise w ...

becuase I shouldn't have been so petty. My apologies to all who may have read it.

edit: I'll behave from now on, OTR.

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CC- I'll let you two box

by OnTheRopes In reply to So share YOUR expertise w ...

ComputerCookie, I didn't see anything malicious in your latest post. Far from it. I'm willing to let bygones be bygones. I understand boxfiddler's response and hope you can too. After all you did draw first blood and it wasn't cool to do that but as I said, that's in the past. Today is a new day so I'm moving on. Both of you do what you want. Everybody isn't going to always get along but if you can refrain from trying to kill each other I'd appreciate it.
Moving on: Back when I was working everyday I had several work-friends that were into picture perfect lawns. I think that has some merit myself. I know what they were trying to accomplish; thick, lush grass with a good base and not a trace of weeds. <br><br>
That doesn't make them Yard Nazis. They wouldn't freak out when someone else had a "different" yard. They'd just talk about it and see if they could pick up any tips like maybe how best to get rid of grubs or patch a bare spot. <br><br>
The guys and couples who cared about lawns were mostly young, well paid, upwardly mobile individuals. The older, more established and <i>relaxed</i> people carried more of a "who cares about grass" attitude. <br><br>
I no longer want a so-called "great" lawn. My priorities have changed. I'd much rather be closer to nature. It's more rewarding to me personally. <br><br>
Post some pix. I'd like to see 'em. Maybe you've got enough tips and tricks to be our TRGC lawn care expert. I hope you don't become a Yard Nazi. If you do I'll just ignore you.<br><br>
As always, feel free to do whatever you want to do. I'm not the boss here. I just remember what Tigger asks, "what kind of world do you want?" I'm for peace. I'm not the only one.
Like I've said before:"It's Friday! Way past time for world peace." Are you in?

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Never mind.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to So you're a dud gardener
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I see you are gonna force me

by The Scummy One In reply to TR's Garden Club

to pull out the camera... Ok, Ok. Most of the plants are
not in the best shape right now due to cold/wetter than
they prefer, however I will snap a few shots sometime by
this weekend.

Right now there is a huge bare spot as well, and the rows
are mostly empty (I moved in in Oct. and havent filled it
up yet). However I have a few plans (on budget) and just
planted some seeds.

The huge bare spot, I tilled 2 weeks ago and last Sat. I
mixed in a truckload of compost and spread some lawn
seeds out. So it should look good in the near future.

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I don't feel so bad now about how my backyard looks at the moment!

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to TR's Garden Club

I solarized it last year to get rid of verticillim wilt which I acquired when growing heirloom tomatoes a couple of years ago, a second nasty little soil problem I brought home with some plants from greenhouse, and any eggs and larvae that can't take the heat. The plastic is still on the ground and waiting for me to clean up and prep for this year's garden.

I leave a few 'weeds' hanging about the edges to keep the wildlife happy, as I garden for it too! I love to sit in the evening and watch the birds as they hop from place to place, peck at the seeds they love, and play in the baths I have scattered about for them and the bugs.

<img src="">

Just one of the bird/bug baths that is around. That is a catbird in it...

edit: obviously this is a pic from last summer. lemon balm in the right fore-ground, coleus and impatiens peeking from behind the plastic spinning daisy (those things do work to drive away the burrowers and tunnelers, believe it or not).

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Oh schizoid one... re: slugs and snails.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to TR's Garden Club

I have sweetgum trees that spit bazillions of sticky balls every year. I use the sticky balls to mulch the things that the snails and slugs love because they won't cross those balls due to being soft bodied and getting all carved to pieces when they try. When I do strawberries, they get almost all the sticky balls.
Crushed eggshells work too, and they add calcium to the ground in the process.

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Edited out because

by OnTheRopes In reply to Oh schizoid one... re: s ...

I didn't know what was going on and my post looked stoopid since it wasn't referring to moi. I thought it was in reference to my saying I was going to take a break and whatever but I finally got it all figured out. Makes you wonder what I'll do for my next trick huh?

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Sorry to have mislead you! <nt>

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Edited out because
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