Trying to network Windows ME and Vista

By wraycycles ·
I've successfully set up a windows Vista workstation, and a Windows ME workstation so that they can see each other on a home network.

Passwrod protect has been turned off.

I can access the Windows ME PC via the Vista computer, but when I try to access the Vista computer via the ME one, Windows ME just stalls completely until I use the task manager to close Network places.

Any ideas why this is and how I can fix it?


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I looked on MS Help and Support

by CG IT In reply to all out of suggestions

and came up with the two articles. Haven't tried to seutp any tests like Jacky.

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After running

by Jacky Howe In reply to Still no joy

on a test System and following the instructions provided, I couldn't make a connection from Windows ME to Vista. I was getting error 5. This morning I changed the settings on Vista and set the Location type to Public. I then tried to connect and received an error 59.

I went back to the Vista System and reset the Location type back to Private. I now have access to the Vista System.

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hey a solution

by CG IT In reply to After running

private location does the trick eh?

Can't give thumbs not my question, but you deserve em...

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by Jacky Howe In reply to hey a solution

I had completely ran out of ideas, then I thought of changing the Location type to see what would happen, and bingo.

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Well don't really like that Network and Sharing Center

by CG IT In reply to After running

It's a great idea for laptops in airports and starbucks but they put it on everything including servers. Been fighting it on a multi-homed RRAS server for the last week. Everytime you reboot the server it changes the LAN connection to public so there's no LAN connectivity for remote users. You can't turn it off and well public is the default.

Since the poster isn't coming back to give ya thumbs I'll give ya a couple.

look for the Gordie Howe question.

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