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Trying to remember a sci-fi show from the early or mid '90s

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
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I received the following question from a TechRepublic member via e-mail. I asked some of my colleagues, and we couldn't think of the answer, so I thought I'd pose it here.

"Hi, I am trying to remember a Sci-Fi show form the early or mid '90. The premise was how people will handle new technology in the future. I don't remember the name of the show, however the city the show took place was Beta City. Do you remember it, and do you remember the name? One episodes was about a married couple fighting and they changed their gender to understand each other."

Thanks in advance,

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i did some rooting around

by PurpleSkys In reply to Trying to remember a sci- ...

i did find this link but none of the names rang a bell for that particular show...maybe you can find it in there somewhere...but it was neet to see some of the shows listed that i had watched.

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This might help

by Fregeus In reply to Trying to remember a sci- ...

Never heard of the show, but if you find what it is, let me know, i`d love to read about it


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Welcome to Paradox

by syfyfan61611 In reply to This might help

The name of the city was Bateville. Thanks to you all whom helped solve this for me. The show was on SciFi channel in 1998. For only one season.

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Sounds like an anthology. US or Brit?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Trying to remember a sci- ...

Where was the questioning TR member from? Not everything made the trip across the pond.

Googling 'Beta City' didn't yield anything of apparent relevance. Maybe I should have used Bing...

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I'm too scared to try Bing

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sounds like an anthology. ...

I can just see it now type in Beta City click on search and get taken to the new Development of M$ Automated Suburb.

Oh didn't you know about that development well nor did anyone else.


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maybe it wasn't a tv show, but a book!!

by DadsPad In reply to Trying to remember a sci- ...

Unless this was made into tv show (doesn't mention that)try this:

POW!erful Tales is a lavishly illustrated collection of fifteen stories by a diverse assortment of writers, ranging from talented newcomers to acclaimed professionals, including Geoffrey Thorne, Mark Onspaugh, Lawrence Barker, Gustavo Bondoni, Tim McDaniel, John E. Rogers, and more! Explore Beta City, the hero capital of the world, and its surroundings in what used to be northern Ohio! Marvel at the exploits of good, evil and indifferent superhumans in a world threatened by everything from street crime to malevolent gods! Experience the unique shared world of POW!erful Tales however you choose - enjoy each of the stories as its own complete tale, or read the book cover-to-cover to unveil the hidden plot threads running through the entire volume.

Some times a book can be real in your memory, if it made an impression.

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hipnonerd found it

by gameuprob In reply to Trying to remember a sci- ...

I found it

I remeber the series on SCI-FI Channel in the late 90's the show was called Welcome to Paradox. It was an anthology of Sci-fi stories set in the city of Betaville

thanks to Purplesky for the cool link

I found it there and did a google and amazon search for the show thire are a few site's on the web with discriptions on it.

here's the google link to the show and the episode called "Options"

theirs some bad news when I searched Amazon for the Series it came up but the DVD is in a format that is not used in the US. If you can get a dvd player that read International format then your in luck.

here's the Amazon DVD Link

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