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Tuesday Break - 09/01/2009

By tcavadias Staff ·
<b>Computer Talk</b>

The sentence "The boxing champion faced many challengers, but he ________ all down" can be completed with a word in computer jargon - <i>modem</i> (mowed 'em). The sentence "Don't ever ________ I'll wash your mouth with soap and water" can be completed with <i>cursor</i> (curse or).

Try to find a word in computer jargon to complete these sentences:

<b>1:</b> Were both father and ________ when they fell asleep at the play last night?

<b>2:</b> After the first inning, the Yankees were ahead one ________.

<b>3:</b> Was Jack ________ a perfect 20-20 when he starred in <i>Dragnet</i>?

<b>4:</b> It's a long ________ from New York to Miami.

<b>5:</b> There was a new challenge ________ Dillion during every episode of <i>Gunsmoke</i>.

<b>6:</b> Does the wooden ________ twice as much as the aluminum one?

<b>7:</b> There were no cold cuts in the refrigerator, so Tammy opened a can of ________.

<b>8:</b> The shirts are available in S, M, L and ________.

-Tammy [_]3

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