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Turn Off Administrator Capabilities

By f-4549025 ·
Hi I have just gotten My P/C back from repair they had the Administrator turned off. I Inadvertently. Turned it back on and I want to disable it I do not use it nor know how or why? I just fooled around with it and I want to turn it off.
I am using a bootleg Copy of xp Pro. any help is greatly Appreciated! thanks

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Not just foreigners

by OnTheRopes In reply to Foreigners don't get mugs ...

JD, Mae, Tigger, Max, TechExec2 and I don't have mugs either. I'm not sure if Nick has one or not. Odds are he doesn't.

I recall DMambo saying he has 3 and that he was balancing one on his head while typing. :0

Mae, Tigger and I are considering a roadtrip to Kentucky to get a few mugs from the friendly TR PTB.

If we go there, after I bail Mae and Tigger out of jail (I'm designated driver and bailer outer), and there are enough mugs to go around... I'll send ya' one myself. B-)

I won't say that it would be a cool incentive to give people a mug or a T-shirt or a mug and a T-shirt if they make the Top-100 list. I might think it but... I won't say it.

It might cost a gazillion dollars to do that and I didn't have to pay anything to get in here so I'll just keep my mouth shut.

Edited for clarity 'cuz I had a hard time figuring out what in the heck I just said.

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I so need a mug too

by lowlands In reply to Not just foreigners

After reading that DMambo had 3 mugs, I have printed out a TR webpage, rolled it in a cone shape and have been using that to pour my coffee in. Needless to say that my non-TR T-shirt is now totally coffee stained, so if someone wants to throw in a fresh TR-T, that would be nice :)

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