TV Tuner Video is choppy

By jeanne_spain ·
Any help is appreciated: We purchased a TV tuner for our PC. (Pinnacle HDTV-pro stick) I have a PC that is about two years old, runs Windows XP Home Edition. The tuner connects via USB port. With the cable attached, the software loaded, etc., all seems okay as long as the TV channels are viewed in the Preview box (which is a smaller picture area). As soon as a full screen view is selected, the video image and sound becomes choppy and halting. Also, the remote doesn't work very efficiently. There is also a worrisome "runtime error" message that often causes the program to fail. So, in order to trouble shoot, we then installed it onto a brand new HP computer that runs Vista. It worked very well there, with still an occasional "runtime error"- whatever that is...
Is the problem on the older XP PC possibly related to the graphics card or what? Please help- the tv tuner is for our little boy as a christmas present and time is running out! Thanks- Jen

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Will Someone Please Help This Poor Girl ?

by jeanne_spain In reply to TV Tuner Video is choppy

Thanks people.

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Older processor and slower video card

by mjd420nova In reply to TV Tuner Video is choppy

It sounds like a combination of both a slower processor and a lower level video card. While operating with the small display it works well, the full screen function takes up much more processor machine cycles and with a slower, less powerful video card, run time errors will be common as the CPU and GPU have to be more critically syncronized. I hope that answers your question.

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It could also be hardware related on the XP unit

by OH Smeg In reply to TV Tuner Video is choppy

If you have On-board Video the CPU doubles as a CPU and a GPU and some System Memory is used for Video Only.

Now if this is the case increasing the available RAM and then altering the amount of RAM set aside for Video may improve the situation but you could also be restricted by the current hardware. It just depends on what you have available.

While I don't use any USB Video Capture Devices I have previously run a Video Capture Card on a P2 with 2 500 MHZ CPU's and it worked fine but I had a 64 MEG Video Card Fitted which at the time was top of the range and the Computer had 1 GIG of RAM Fitted.

You also need to remember that USB is much slower that a Plug In Card so depending on the way that this device works that may also be a contributing factor. Some Video Capture Devices only supply a partial Signal in Preview Mode so there is more than enough available bandwidth available but when you are viewing in Full Screen and High Definition the available Bandwidth on USB1 is exceeded significantly and the Video Display & Sound are adversely affected.

For any more information you really need to provide Computer Hardware Details as that is what is the Governing Factor here not the actual Device or the Software driving it.

You need to supply the M'Board Make & Model, the CPU Type & Model, what Video type & Size you have, the amount of installed RAM or the system Make & Model before we can offer more help.


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USB1 or 2?

by jdclyde In reply to TV Tuner Video is choppy

What USB is the port?

If it isn't USB2, drop a card in.

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Perhaps the 'HD' tuner is over-tasking the PC...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to TV Tuner Video is choppy

You might have been better to have opted for the Pinnacle SDTV tuner, since it would not have placed as heavy a strain on your existing graphics capability.

Attempting to generate high definition frames with an on-board graphics-equipped PC is pushing it a bit.

You also didn't mention if you had tried the tuner/PC setup while connected to a roof-top aerial. - That might be better than the portable aerial it comes supplied with.

You might also care to check out some third-party driver software for the on-screen media centre. It has been my experience that PC TV tuner cards invariably produce far better visual results when teamed up with better media-center software.

There are many Open Source media programs that you can just download from the net. Most will easily detect the Pinnacle usb stick.

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