Two NIC's in one PC - one to internet only, other to network only

By jeffnoone ·
I have a dual WAN router (Linksys RV042 - 4 LAN ports, 2 WAN)), which allows traffic prefernetial control by port attached

Home network with 6 PC's, running mix of XP Pro and VIsta Premium

I want to demote newsgroup traffic which occurs on only one PC, so the newsgroup XP PC needs to have 2 NIC's (at least that is approach I am taking)

One NIC will only be for the Internet, and will go to a specific port on the router - the other NIC will attach to a switch, which is needed to allow for this Newsgroup PC to link to others in home workgroup. So all PC's in the workgroup are attached to the same switch. In turn the switch will be connected to a port on the RV042 which will have a higher priority - all other PC's on the network are supposed to access the Internet through this higher priority port

The question I have is how to set up the two NIC's in the Newsgroup PC, so that Internet traffic goes exclusively one way, and network/workgroup traffic goes exclusively thru the other NIC

Any help appreciated

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Persistent Route

by scott_heath In reply to Two NIC's in one PC - one ...

You'll need to look at your default route and create a new persistent one. Of course if both are on the same network that's going to make life hard, and I am guessing they are. The whole point of a switch versus a hub is better traffic management, so I am unsure of what you could possible gain from this arrangement. Also, since your internet connection is most like 6 Mbit or less and you switch is at least 100 Mbit, you couldn't possible max it out. And now that I think about it, unless the other NIC has a different gateway a seperate route won't work anyway. Can you tell me what the IP's of both nics and their gateways will be?

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by jeffnoone In reply to Persistent Route

I am a network novice and trying to do somuthing that may not be possible

However the main motivators are:

Dual WAN router does not seem to do true QoS i.e. you cant put newsgroup traffic to the bottom
However you can put a specific port to lower (traffic) priority - so the idea of connecting the newsgroup PC to the home network and the internet separately.
All other computers would access the Internet thru a 8-port gigabit switch (the Dell managed PowerConnect 2708 in un-managed mode).
Setting up the switch in managed mode looks tricky

In the end what I want to have is the ability to allow newsgroup traffic full-throttle full-time, but allow other traffic to supercede newsgroup traffic if present

To answer your question re IP's and subnets,
all pC's are 192.168.0.x (most IP by DHCP), subnet for all
Gateway is for all


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by scott_heath In reply to IP's

Why don't you plug the NNTP PC directly into the router with the lower priority port and then plug the other computers into the switch and leave it at that. They have the same gateway and they are on the same network. They will all talk just fine.

BTW, per my first post, if you have a Gb switch you aren't even coming close to touching the bandwidth cap. You get at most 5Mb from the Internet and you have 1000Mb of bandwidth. Having them on the same switch really should hurt your performance any. Or is it other simultaneous downloads that you care concerned about.

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Working on it

by jeffnoone In reply to Hmmm...

Thanks to both scott and cookieorc, will need a few days to get around to making the necesssary adjustments, and will get back to you.

Scott, your solution is beautifully simple (arent all good solutions "simple"), but at least initally I had been hoping to preserve a gigabit connection to other PC's from my newsgroup PC.
As some of what I download are high definition streams, these can be 15GB and up - so I also want to be able to download as fast as possible, but without the kids complaining they cant connect to Web/Messenger when I am downloading full bandwidth
Hence the idea of relegating newsgroup traffic, using a QoS equivalent

Thanks to both of you

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Educated guess..

by CookieOrc In reply to Two NIC's in one PC - one ...

I really do not know this will work but worth a shot. On the nic that you want to have exclusive LAN access. Just statically assign an IP and do not set a default gateway. If there is no default gatway then it cannot get access to the outside world. Since that nic only connects to a switch it will handle everything based on the mac address.

If you try this please let me know if it works...

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I used your example and the nics don't error out but...

by me In reply to Educated guess..

I can't reach the router from the pc with two nics.

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